AMBER Alerts on your iPhone: What they are and how to manage them

Your iPhone is set up by default to receive AMBER (America's Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response) Alerts and other kinds of emergency government alerts via Notification Center. Apple has worked with carriers to provide government alerts, including AMBER and other emergency notifications, in the U.S. and other countries. Depending on the nature of the alert, which can include child abductions and impending natural disasters, it's a great feature that can save a life, or many lives, not to mention prevent injury and property damage. By their nature, however, these alerts don't respect Do Not Disturb settings which can make them rather alarming if they happen when you're asleep, driving, or otherwise indisposed. That's why you have the option to use them at your discretion. Here's how AMBER and emergency alerts on the iPhone work!

How to enable or disable AMBER and Government Alerts on your iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Notification Center and scroll all the way to the bottom.
  3. Under the Government Alerts section, toggle the AMBER Alerts or Government Alerts option on or off to enable or disable them.

AMBER Alerts on your iPhone: What they are and how to manage them

We highly recommend not disabling either of these alerts since they can save your life and the lives of those around you if disaster were to strike. Unfortunately, there's no way to customize the alerts to be less shocking. They're meant to get your attention, instantly — and big, loud, and noisy is the proper way to do that. If there's a tornado coming your way, you want to know about it.

We've had mixed reports of vibrate mode or Do Not Disturb mode muffling the emergency alerts, but don't believe that's the case. Emergency alerts are designed to be heard.

If you received an AMBER or other emergency alert on your iPhone, what did you think of it? Was it helpful? Was it scary? Are you leaving them turned on? Let me know in the comments!

Note: This article has been updated for iOS 7.

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Reader comments

AMBER Alerts on your iPhone: What they are and how to manage them


Turned mine off for the same reason as I didn't appreciate them in the middle of the night. Turned off "emergency alerts" too. Was getting tornado alerts "for my area" when in reality they were in counties across the state no where near me. Was like the old crying wolf story. (Besides, I have numerous weather apps that alert me much more accurately)

They were talking about the startling sound on the radio this morning. Luckily my phone was on mute and set to Do Not Disturb, so it did start vibrating violently, but luckily no annoying sound.

Thank you! I was "alerted" in the middle of the night about a month ago as well for a flood warning in my area. I was closer to having a heart attack from the alert sound than being in a flood. Turned off.

The first that this happened to me was about 2 in the morning but the best part was it was in stereo. My wife and I had our iPhones plugged in sitting on our night stands so the crazy sound was coming from both sides of the bed.

Thanks for the tip, Ally. I got two identical AMBER alerts, just before 11pm and just before 4am. I didn't find the Government Alerts settings at 4am because I didn't scroll down all the way. (I have quite a few apps.)

I'll leave the Emergency Alerts on, but the AMBER alerts off. It's too bad there's no "on but silent" setting. I would have gone for that option.

I had the experience some time back after getting my iPhone (on T-Mobile). I wasn't woken in the middle of the night, but after about 6-7 of the same notification within the course of 2 hours with no additional information, I just couldn't take it and turned it off. I would love to turn it on again, but the current implementation is obnoxious.

I can totally understand the annoyance of being woken up in the middle of the night but let's not lose sight on what the Amber Alerts are for. Yes it might be inconvenient for you but don't forget it is a little more inconvenient for the child who was just kidnapped. Okay, I get that there is nothing you can do right then in the middle of the night but how would you feel if the alert was sent out in the middle of the day when you are out driving about and happen to be by the car involved but you had your alert off? Yes that is wildly remote but it is still possible but you did not want to be inconvenienced.

Before you rush to turn it off, remember how so very few alerts you have received (what maybe 1 since it went into effect a year ago?) and that it could actually do some good.

I completely agree with you but unfortunately I was forced to turn off Amber alerts today. I live in California and got the initial recent alert last night once BUT today I got the SAME alert 9 times within 10 minutes. Then they stopped for about 30 minutes and then within the span of 5 minutes I got it about 9 times again. I understand the importance of the alerts but seriously, I didn't the car that was described in the alert when you first sent it to me 4 minutes ago.

Sounds like a bug. I received it exactly twice since last night just before 11:00pm.

And I agree with the OP. Just because it was "in the middle of the night" doesn't mean it wasn't effective. Everyone who received the alert new about a blue Nissan on their way to work this morning (which for my area is pretty close to where the suspect may be passing through around that time, if heading where they thought he's heading...)

If you turn off Amber alerts, but leave on Facebook/Twitter/etc. alerts, what does that say about your priorities?

I don't use those weird networking sites but I see exactly the very well made point you're making. Just shows how selfish we all are without really thinking about it?

If my phone is in DND, it's because I'm asleep. Amber alerts won't help the child at all. Queuing them up for the morning would be much smarter of Apple.

Polling iPhone users at work, it seems not all of us got the alert last night (we are all in California). The differences seem to be users who are not using iPhone 4S or 5 and or not on iOS 6.1.4 or later, did not get the alert and don't have the Govt. Alerts section in Notification Center.

The article means well... but I'm sure someone abducted in the middle of the night will be reassured they won't be waking you up. Like come on..really?

Had a little trouble the last few days with iMessages not sending. So I went through settings, disabled iMessage, turned off my phone and turned it back on, turned iMessage back on and everything started working normally again.

not a big deal to me. Id prefer to get them than not at all. if your child was abducted im sure you would want the alert out as soon as possible, I know I would. this is a real issue that needs fast notification. just think of the many awful things some dirt bag abductor can do in the time it takes to hold the alert to when its convenient for everyone to receive.

I think AMBER alerts need to follow Do Not Disturb settings. I will be of no use to help find a kidnapped child when I am sleeping or in a meeting at work. I have already shut off Emergency Alerts after receiving a notice that there was a flash flood warning in my area throughout the weekend on a Friday afternoon, and then got the exact same alert on Saturday afternoon, Sunday at 2am and again on Sunday afternoon.

If you cry wolf too many times, then eventually the townspeople will no longer come running.

I am considering turning off AMBER alerts as well, but I have postponed that because I am a father. But they start happening with frequency in the middle of the night, then I am definitely going to shut them off. It makes the iPhone a nuisance of false alarms unless the government can figure out how to properly use these alerts and the phone can properly obey "Do Not Disturb" settings.

The only saving grace is that with my silent switch turned on, then the phone is only vibrating and I don't get the big nasty blaring noise.

Scared me half-to-death when I got an AMBER alert in the middle of the night, I turned them off. IMHO this is part of our culture-of-fear and political correctness (it's for the children...). I don't have a solution to offer, other than public beheadings... ;)

Just to be clear, I think AMBER alerts are a vital service like 9-1-1. The problem is the particular implementation of this feature on the iPhone (and, I assume, other smart phones). In short, it's just awful -- the un-configurable fire-alarm klaxon, the lack of interactivity (where IS Boulevard, CA? FYI, about 4 miles from the US-Mexico border and 500 miles from here.) The lack of additional information in back-to-back alerts. The fact that the alert text cuts off and there's no way to expand it. No "Why am I receiving this alert?" link. No "Contact us if you have any information." link. Not to mention that anyone who might see the car with the license plate is likely themselves driving and would be breaking the law to pick up their phone to read the alert. Frankly I'm surprised that anyone would leave these alerts on after receiving 3 or 4 of them in a row. Instead of blaming the annoyed, let's tell the annoyers (the state, Apple, AT&T, Verizon, etc) to make a better alert so that folks will give these life-or-death situations their due respect and not relegate them to Chicken-Little status.

I was wondering when somebody was going to say this. I suspect you're not alone. We all have odd priorities that suit our own selfishness, (and no, that is not me calling you out as selfish). We care more about a celebrity death than one that happens around the corner.

Ditto...90% of these alerts are just some marital spat or custody battle gone amok. This policy should be reviewed...

I turned the Amber alerts off because the 2 I have received were from different cities than where I live. It doesn't make sense to wake me up in the middle of the night or disturb a work session to find out they are looking for a specific car 300 kilometers from here. They need to be much more targeted to work.

I have received both AMBER alerts and weather emergency alerts in my iPhone. A few have come in the middle of the night. Each alert is really loud, especially at 4 am! I did not realize I could turn them off until reading this article. I'm not sure I will turn them off. Although there is not much I can do at 4 am to look for a 1987 brown Chevy sedan, I definitely think that being aware of emergencies in my area is worth some lost sleep if it means helping to find a child or getting to shelter to escape a storm.

I got the alert last night and my phone was on vibrate and did only vibrate. I may or may not turn off Amber Alerts, but the other alerts will stay on. I want to know when the Sharknado is coming! <G>

"If, for some reason, you'd rather not receive government or AMBER alerts on one or several of your iOS devices, you can disable them."

There are a few good reasons.

1. Who's up at 4am besides a lot of unsavory folk? Why are these things being pushed out to everyone at 4am? Who the hell thought that was a good idea? (Samsung devices do this too)
2. They're invasive as hell. Yes, important. But a missing child does NOT give you the right to have this thing turned on by default, with no warning. It should be part of setup. At least on the iPhone it's an option to turn off completely though.
3. The emergency one likes to go off for tornados. Tornado alerts are common around because they come along with thunderstorm alerts. Tornados are not common (one every five years or so). Thunderstorms are common here and part of life and hardly a reason to stay in doors or out or do anything you wouldn't otherwise be doing. So yep, annoying and stupid.
4. This is not the equivalent of an amber alert on the radio or local news channel. Those don't automatically turn themselves on in the middle of the night.
5. Hopefully Do Not Disturb does silence these alerts. That's the purpose of DO NOT DISTURB. The user should have the right to choose. You can't force 'supposed' good citizenry. Keyword 'supposed'.

So yea, my problem is that this comes on by default, without any clue on how to turn it off. It's a bullshit user experience. Yes, user experience. I buy smartphones to use how I want to use them, and receiving annoying alerts while I'm sleeping isn't one of them. And I would probably keep it on, if ya know, I was given a choice other than 'annoying screech that I never want to hear close to me'. Like maybe, a ringtone? Ya know, those things I do answer when I'm not busy.

Believe it or not, it's Ok to criticize crappy implementations of something, even if it involves saving a child. Btw, how many children have these alerts saved? How many people have been prevented from walking into a tornado because of these specific alerts? Ya know, questions that are good to ask, in the same vein of how many terrorists attacks were stopped by NSA's snooping (a question that should have been asked, was asked, was answered). Before we hand over all our rights and expectations because of fear OR compassion.

wow.. Well loop.. u r seriously looped out on ur priorities. While u may be the ruler of the world in ur head, the truth is very much farther away. Notifications are not just for u but for every user out there. In 23 comments on top, i am one who is really glad there are options to care about ur life and life of other ppl. I got notification a little early abt a tornado which was abt an hour away, but its a damn tornado - it can turn any way. Knowledge is better than ignorance boy.

just cos u didn’t need help anytime does not mean others dont need help too. and if a ring scares the shit out of u in the night.. then u need to reevaluate how u live buddy. u need to be aware of ur surroundings. a 10min break in sleep will not kill u.. but it might just in case save a person.

wow.. Well spatial.. YOU are the one that seems to have a "I am the all knowing one that decides for everyone else" attitude.

You disagree with loop so you insult his intelligence? Well I don't completely agree with him on every point but he's mostly spot on - it is not (and never has been) the role of government to decide for us whether or not these alerts should be enabled by default.

You also don't have the knowledge of individuals to determine what will keep someone up after a clearly startling alert potentially in the middle of the night. Have you ever heard of sleep disorders and sleep apnea? Lots of people wake up at 1:00 AM after a couple hours downtime and are up for the remainder of the night.

So I think it is YOU who needs to reevalute how you live... buddy.

And stop trying to decide how they should live their lives. But I have a feeling you never revealed your true motivation for the harsh post against loop....

If you think complaints about Amber alerts in the middle of the night are insensitive, you are missing the point. Your phone "knows" if you are awake or asleep or moving about, or driving on the highway - that's how Google and Apple maps are able to show highway speeds on the traffic layer, for example. It should be trivial to have Amber alerts sent only to phones that are moving around, and especially to phones that are actually on a highway. I'm not going to spot anyone's license plate from my bedroom. Unless you're going to get out of bed and go car-spotting, the Amber alert can wait until morning. That's called personalized delivery options, and they key word is "options". It's also not just about sensitivity or disturbing someone's sleep, but the Amber alert would be far more effective if it alerted you as you begin your day, not in the middle of the night. "More effective" means lives saved by this powerful technology, which will be turned off by users if not implemented in a smart way.

I was playing my phone while it was on Do not disturb, so I really have no clue how the sound would be. But, it did vibrate a bunch.

The Amber Alerts are a necessary part of society, but unfortunately the information on the screen is incomplete and there is no way I have found to view the rest of the message. I got one a few minutes ago and only know the town because the rest of the valuable information that could save the child's life is not accessible. Once you put in your password on the iPhone you can no longer see the alert. Apple needs to rectify this issue in order to make an alert worthwhile.

I just now received one of these. It says: "Oakland, CA AMBER Alert: LIC/ ####### (CA) 2001 Red Infinity QX4 SportUtility Vehicle" (actual licence number removed). OK, so what? Has this been stolen, is someone in this vehicle in need of help, or what? A flood, tornado, earthquake, these I understand. This one? Baffling!

Me too. I'm in 8th period math an all of a sudden the tone goes off in 5 place. Even the teachers' iPhone went off. Talk about cut a period short.

I received my first Amber alert today. Question is how do I "retrieve" the information? My phone was locked. I assumed the information would be there when I logged in but nope, no text or e-mail. Since I didn't know to write down the car description, tag number, etc. how can I get that information? My office mate said the same thing. It's not useful if we can't retrieve this information for reference.

If you swipe down from the top of the screen after unlocking the phone you can review all the alert messages in full.

Today during lunch at Cracker Barrel, dozens of phones received an AMBER Alert. I glanced at mine and put it back in my purse. After lunch, I wanted to take a second look at the car description and license number but couldn't find the alert anywhere in my phone. Are they saved somewhere in the phone? If so, where are they? If not, why not? It is no help to authorities if everyone calls them and reports every blue Ford or black SUV they see. We can keep a lookout for the vehicle and then double check the tag number before reporting location. Vehicle ID is easy to remember 3 hours later, license number is not.

I turned them off the Amber Alerts because if the inability to customize them. I don't need nor want to be awoken in the middle if the night nor have a meeting interrupted. If there was a way to customize them it turn down the volume or something I'd be happy to leave them on.

Glad I found this article. After waking up from REM sleep at 530 in the morning, I could care less if I ever receive an amber alert again. Turned off!! The Alert came out of Sarasota FL, I am 10 hours away in NW Florida. OFF!

I don't understand why these can't respect do not disturb settings. It's not like you were going to jump out of bed and start looking. Although you may have jumped out of bed like I did at 2am thanks to flood alert. That was pretty unnecessary. It was in stereo thanks to my girlfriends phone as well. HOLY SCHNIKES!! Talk about spiking your cortisol. Forget about going to sleep right away like the other person said. My girlfriend was tossing around for a while after that too.
If you have adrenal fatigue or cortisol dysregulation you can't "just go back to sleep".

In addition, like you mentioned, if you are interrupted in REM sleep you didn't just lose 10min, you lost the entire sleep cycle you were in which is around 90min on average. So thanks apple! Turning this off until it respects do not disturb.

They're incredibly annoying. Flat out obnoxious. Turned off.
Nothing accurate for me where I live. It could just as well be removed from the device as far as I'm concerned.

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I've only received amber alerts, never a govt alert or anything. My phone is ALWAYS on vibrate... It's never disturbed me, but there's never much info. I have to open a local news station app to find out why I got the alert, and sometimes they don't even have info bc the alert is from an area 5 hours away!
Still on, but not very useful.

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I have Government Alerts on but AMBER Alerts off. I get AMBER alerts via email/text via local website setup. The alerts are there via Notification Centre, just swipe down and it/they should be there.

If it saves one child, or a weather alert saves one life, it is worth it. Yes they are loud, and sometimes not correct, but until we can come up with a better way, it is a good part of life. Just search the sex offenders in your town. They are everywhere. They do not lock them up like they did in the past. They can be cured? Never can they be cured. The offenders that will talk about it, will tell you that the lust is on their mind always. It never goes away. Look at the red flags again on the map. Scares me enough to keep the alert turned on. We all talk about doing something about the problem, and then complain about an alert system. To me if you touch a child, you just lost all your rights period. I will gladly pay more taxes to keep the offenders locked up for life. To say you do not care about other people's children is wrong. I will call you out. It is our duty to protect our children. When we stop caring as a society, we become as sick as the offenders themselves.

I get them every once in a while in the summer time for the occasional Tornado warning. Scared the living crap out of me the first time it went off. You definitely can't miss it.

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I've gotten about 6 total since they added the feature. Only one was helpful as it was for hail. The rest are really vague and not very helpful. "1996 Blue Sedan!" Is it stolen? Did it kidnap someone? Is it a getaway car for an escaped mental patient with a hook for a hand? Is this some weird travel game?
I'm really tempted to turn it off.

extremely resourceful and useful. I haven't disabled mine. When i hear it go off i looked to my tv though at first lol. Great feature of the iphone.

Did this get taken out of software? It's not in my iPad mini retina or iPhone 4s.

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I turned off the Amber Alerts because they were so loud and startled us day and night. If they had been quieter, and been able to silence, I would have left them on. There were just too many Amber Alerts every week. Don't want to miss the opportunity to find a missing child or elderly person, but don't want the loud noise.

The infuriating combination is the really loud and alarming sound combined with how 90% of the time (for Amber alerts at least) I'm in no position to do anything about them. Amber alerts are typically license plates and vehicle description. When I'm sleeping or immersed in an important activity that does nobody any good.

Distinguish between the two. Amber alerts should respect the sound setting, fine to display on my lock screen. When I'm in a recording studio, it's my assumption silent mode is just that...

Government alerts, who knows. If it's that important, I guess everyone would understand my interruption is for everyone's good.

I see a lot of individuals complaining that the amber alerts come from too far away; however, these alerts often include vehicle information. That's a pretty clear indicator that the potential abductor and victim are MOBILE, and that whomever could be in danger just might need a little bit of a watchful eye from people who don't live right down the street from them. I'm confused as to why this is difficult for people to understand. And I'm also completely baffled that anyone would want to turn the alerts off. I may be biased since I'm a father, and I agree that the sounds should be able to be customized, for those who absolutely need it; however, it's better for that missing person than having no widespread alert system at all.

For the big brother types out there, here's a tip: they use cell phone tower data, not your internal location data, to transmit these messages. If anyone is so concerned about government watch dogs, they might want to rethink having a cell phone in the first place, since law enforcement (read: government) can find a phone's location regardless of any app installed or location services as long as the device is powered on.

Alex, I am a father as well but I just may turn off both alerts. Until they start respecting do not disturb settings that is the only option I have.
Am I really going to leave a meeting with my boss to go look for this car or drive around at 4am after being awoken from sleep as soon as I recieve the alert? No. The phone is in do not disturb for a reason. Silence the alert like all others and I will see it on the lock screen and notification center when I am available.
I am not really afraid of being killed in the middle of the night by a tornado either. I generally check the weather and would see advance warning of potential conditions. My weather app usually gives tornado watches 6-12hrs ahead of time. And if the was one in the vicinity the sirens would go off. My weather app respects do not disturb; so can Apple.

Thank goodness I received 6 loud amber alerts in 30 minutes, even with no signal, my phone on silent, while hunting! If my phone had not informed me the color, year, and license plate of an Explorer in Galveston, 250 miles away, I don't know what I would have done, especially since there was NO other information with the alert. Just a model, color, license plate, and a city. I'm certain I'll remember the license plate when they arrive at BFE 3.5 hours later. Who knows, that white truck might just stick out in an area where 90% of the vehicles are white.

I know I'll be sleeping better while dreaming of fuzzy kittens prancing around a campfire singing hymns, Justin Beiber songs, and roasting marshmallows with Thumper, Milo, Otis, Nemo, Ole' Yeller, the good dog from All Dogs Go To Heaven, the fairies from Ferngully, all 101 dalmatians, Peter Pan, Lady, The Tramp, Shrek, obviously Donkey, Bambi, and all of his brothers and sisters because of this knowledge. Thank you amber alert!

Got my first amber alert on the iPhone today.....scared the living **** out of me had no idea what it was. Found out how to turn it off right away, didn't like it - a regular text message would have sufficed for something like that. Only time I need a wake up call like that is if my life is in danger such as tornado, flood etc - an amber alert doesn't require such intrusion.

Turned them off after being awakened by it this morning. Absolutely useless to the child to wake me up, but might be useful to be on screen when I wake up. But there's no "silent alert" option, so I'm left with turning it off altogether. And yes, I'm a father. And no, i wouldn't want people awakened to alert them to my missing child. It's not helpful at all.

Turning these off until they respect do not disturb!!! Got a flood alert at 2am in the middle of rem sleep! What the duece!

Yeah you totally saved my life. I live near a river and looked out this morning and it was still at least 10-12 feet lower than the retaining wall. (Knew it would be because it was extremely low up couple days ago)

So yeah we really appreciated being woken up at 2:30 am. (Sarcasm)

I was recently reading a bunch of comments about how the emergency weather and amber alert systems were annoying them. But my problem is i can't get mine to work, it makes no sound. I have done everything Sprint has told me, checked every setting. Lost and don't know what to do. Any advice???

I landed here moments after receiving the first Amber alert on my iPhone. I don't >EVER< want that kind of nuisance again! How insulting!

I will not soon forget nor forgive this feature. Very happy that both can be disabled. There hasn't been any weather related alerts yet, but the various weather apps I use (and TV broadcasts) GREATLY ABUSE the hysteria over everything and anything. I do NOT permit this in my life.

Thank you for the information. One of the comments answered my initial question, "where to find the message".
I'm amazed at the number of responses from people that just don't care. No wonder our world is crumbling.

there are some seriously moronic replies to this article. If you receive an alert that has vehicle information-there's no need to guess, it's an AMBER alert.

And really don't be so obtuse as to say that's like 500 miles from me, why would I care, what could I do? Well in 8 hrs time if they were fleeing your way you might actually spot them.

angelinam, you are so right. if folks would stop thinking "what could i do?" and start thinking "what could i do TO HELP?" more kids would be helped. if it were their kid, sister, friend or friend's child, they would the entire nation watching that AMBER Alert.

whenever i see one, especially with a photo, i study the child's face. you never know! if the entire nation, including the morons to whom you referred would pay attention, my guess is that it would not happen nearly as often, and a good result would happen a lot more often.