Apple offering up to $345 in store credit for your used iPhone 4S

Apple offers up to $345 in store credit for your used iPhone 4S

If you're itching to get your hands on the new iPhone rumored to be coming next month but don't fancy shelling out a ton of money, Apple is willing to help you offset the cost through their Reuse and Recycling program. As of right now you can fetch up to $345 for a mint condition 64GB iPhone 4S.

Apple's program allows you to enter the model and condition of your iPhone in only a few short questions before giving you a final value. As of now, a 64GB iPhone 4S will get you the most cash but the other models are reasonably priced as well. A 32GB mint condition 4S will get you $330. The program doesn't seem to care what carrier or whether or not the phone is factory unlocked which is probably good news for most. While the values are higher for the iPhone 4S, Apple will also accept trade-ins on any Mac, iPhone, or iPad model. If you've got an iPhone 4, you'll take a bit of a hit as the highest value for a mint condition model is currently $185.

If you're okay with the value Apple gives you, you'll just have to wipe the phone and send in your iPhone complete with the power cord. After you've sent in your iPhone Apple will issue you an Apple Store gift card that you can put towards anything you'd like. For most of you, that'll probably be the new iPhone which iMore has heard should be announced and released this September.

If you're looking for an easy and reliable way to off your iPhone, this is probably the best route but it's worth noting that you can probably fetch much higher values on services such like Craigslist, eBay, or We've written guides in the past on how to sell your old iPhone for a good price that can help if you need to get top dollar for it before considering a new iPhone.

If you're okay with Apple's pricing, check out the link below to get your gear appraised. Come this Fall, what color and capacity iPhone will you be opting for?

Source: Apple Reuse and Recycling Program

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Reader comments

Apple offering up to $345 in store credit for your used iPhone 4S


Don't forget about Looks like a good place to sell a phone too, with some decent safeguards against fraud.

After seeing this story on other blogs over the past few days and now this one (iMore is usually a day or two behind--thank god for Zite!), what I don't understand is why y'all don't address the problem of trading in a phone before you can get the new iPhone. In other words, how the heck can I go without my phone while waiting for the new one? What's not clear in these articles is 1) if this offer will still be there once the new phone is released, and 2) if so, will the Apple stores have new iPhones that every carrier will accept (mine's Sprint)? Thanks.

To answer your questions, perhaps you could view & post these queries on these other sites and then wait a day or two to share the answers with us. /sarcasm

Thanks so much, secret agent man, for pointing out that you were being sarcastic--a wit such as yours is so subtle, that idiots like me often miss it.

I'd imagine a lot of people have a spare or backup phone. I have my first gen Motorola Droid in case anything ever goes wrong on my iphone and I need to use my squaretrade warranty for an exchange.

ebay is a much better alternative minus the fees. Get it IMEI unlocked for $20 and sell as unlocked, net around 600+ for a 64gb 4s.

I agree with this. Apple giving only $385 for a mint condition, 64GB, used iPhone 4S is ridiculous. They'll be making pure profit when they resale those badboys at $50 less than the retail price of $849 (CAD) as "refurbished".

Apple does not have to give anything all if they did not want to. All they are doing is providing an easy, instant and hassle free way to get money for your phone. eBay and Craigslist will always net you more money but require effort on the sellers part...which in this day in age no one wants to do.

Lots of fail there, Skip. Apple is doing this to make money, pure and simple. And if you're too lazy to scan the barcode on your box, snap a few pics and hit up the UPS store to collect an extra $250+ well.... More power to you!

I'm kinda there with you but you overstated.

Of COURSE Apple doesn't have to do this, but given that they ARE doing it, the poster is pointing out what a massive deal he company is getting. You almost make it sound as if Apple is just giving away free money. Not even close.

And you're right that selling on your own requires some effort but a quick eBay search shows your last spence of the hyperbole that it is.

I'm glad iMore mentioned the option of selling it yourself and offered suggestions. There are some who would prefer this option when presented with useful facts.

Please. I sold my old, used, backup iPhone 4 (that's 4, as in NOT 4S) on eBay last week for $325. I kid you not...

I wouldn't be in a rush to sell my 4S without finding out just what the new iPhone will and won't be. So let's all just breath and wait to see if the new phone is that much different from the 4S. What's the rush? They offering less money if you wait to sell it after the release? And unless you have more than one phone on your account, if you sell it now, what will you play angry birds on? >:-)

Amazon gives you $500 for a 64gb 4s. But that's gift card to amazon.
eBay has one flaw with buyers having full protection and seller basically having none. If you ship mint condition iPhone and the buyer claims he received a box with a brick in it , he wins the case.

I just sold my 4S 64Gb and 4 32Gb to amazon. I have a week to ship it and I'll get $800 amazon gift card which will be used for Christmas shopping ( WiiU and games etc)

Somewhat true, but if you take pics before shipping the seller can win. Also record serial number.

that has nothing to do with it cause youre renewing to the new contract anyways when you get a new phone. You only pay more for the new phone if you arent elgible for a discounted price based on how far you are into your contract :)

Not true. 1) Activating a non-subsidized phone on a network does not automatically renew your contract. 2) You can be charged, sometimes, for activating a new phone on the network, depending on the circumstances.

What are you talking about ??
What circumstances ?!
You can never get hit for ETF if you sell your old phone and use a new phone. Activation fee for an upgrade has nothing to do with ETF !

And you renew your contract if you buy the new iPhone at the lowest price offer. Of course you can avoid the renewing by paying twice that amount for the phone upfront .

You can get charged for multiple things, whether they're technically ETF's or not. For instance, if you purchased a subsidized phone from the carrier, when renewing your contract, and then sold that subsidized phone, once that phone is no longer active on the network, the carrier may charge you, depending on how recent your subsidized renewal was.

I think the commenter would want to know about such charges, regardless of what they're called.

This is a win win for Apple. The pay you $345 for your iPhone now. Then when the next one comes out, maybe next month, maybe not, You're more likely to buy the new one. But no one really knows when the new one is coming, except for Apple of course.

wow thats a good price, I usually get a new iPhone every year and sale my old one for around $330 every year, i'd definitely sale mine my 4s to them once the new one arrives!