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What you need to know

  • Grid Studio might have created one of the greatest Apple holiday gifts ever.
  • It has created a 'Grid 4S', a framed iPhone 4S turned into art by displaying all of its individual parts.

A company by the name of Grid Studio has created what might just be the coolest Apple Christmas gift ever.

The 'Grid 4S' is a piece of A3 artwork, made up of the individual parts of an old iPhone 4S put on display. Around forty pieces, the components are individually placed and glued on an Apple-esque white background, complete with measurements and labels so you know exactly what you're looking at.

At $140 + shipping, it certainly isn't the cheapest Apple gift you could buy, but it strikes us a really unique piece of artwork that would look great in any office or in the home.

Grid Studio specializes in handmade, industrial artwork, and the 'Grid 4S' piece has rave reviews on its site page. One user noting:

It really was a good packaged product. Beautifully designed and looks nice on the wall. Service too was quick to respond to my queries. Absolutely waiting for the next piece of work from you all. Thanks.

From Grid's website:

In this digital technology era today, some digital products will be brought back your memories. Although it symbolized the wisdom of great person and delegate the revolution of technologies, they are getting quiet and disappearing gradually.

We select the precious collection of marvellous article, unfold and restore in a collage frame,turn them into a tale of smart phone generation with value of art, the best choice for your collection permanently.


Grid Studio also has a BlackBerry 9000 on its website with a 'stay tuned' message.