Photographing Galapagos with iPhone 4s

You might recognize Lisa Bettany from her ridiculously great Instagram account, or her famous app, Camera+. Either way, she's done a lot to both show and help the state of the art of photography on iPhone. Her latest blog post, though, goes back in time to 2011 to show when iPhone 4s was state of the art — and what could be done with it.

From Mostly Lisa:

A few years ago, I set off on an incredible around the world adventure attempting to capture 15 countries with my iPhone 4S and my app, Camera+. I never got around to sharing all the behind the scenes videos, so I thought I would start now despite the slightly datedness of using an "ancient" iPhone model.

Lesson learned: Even if you have an older or hand-me-down iPhone you can still capture amazing photos and more — you can make art.

Check out all of Lisa's photos and then get out there and shoot some more of your own.

Rene Ritchie

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  • This was great. It really makes me step back and look at what I have, instead of always wanting more more more.
  • This! Very cool.
  • I have some Galapagos pics on a 1.5 megapixel camera from 2004 for further comparison if wanted. Had to copy them to my iPod over CompactFlash to 30pin as I only had a 32 meg card, that could hold 30 or so photos. I wanted one that saved to floppies as those were cheaper, but never got it.
  • Coming from Ecuador, this makes me so proud of my country!! All those beautiful and endemic species look awesome! iPhone takes the best photos on any smartphone and that makes keeping the boobies in your storage great!
  • Very cool. This also just goes to show that the most important thing in a camera isn't how perfect the image is, but rather the memory that it generates when you view it later. That's all that really matters in a photo.