Designing posters for events, making business cards, or editing Youtube videos all take powerful designing software to complete. The Adobe Creative Cloud is the gold standard in the design industry today, used by professionals and amateurs alike.

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While the Adobe CC is loaded with powerful programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, they won't be much good to you unless you know how to use them and learning how to use these complex software programs can be tricky. iMore Digital Offers has the perfect solution.

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This bundle of courses gives you one-year access to valuable training content for three of Adobe's most popular designing programs. Regardless of your skill level coming into the courses, you will learn important skills for using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. Here's just a sampling of the topics covered:

  • Use selection tools, work with layers, master crop and transform functions, and more.
  • Apply Photoshop filters, layer styles, and explore adjustment layers.
  • Understand the Type tool, blending shapes and colors, and basic effects.
  • Discover transparency and graphic styles.
  • Import, organize, edit, and monitor media.
  • Create a multi-camera source sequence.

This entire bundle would normally cost you over $1,100 but is availble right now through iMore Digital Offers for only $29!

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