If you want to edit out photobombers you need this iPhone app

Screenshots of the TouchRetouch app from the Apple App Store
It's easy to remove simple objects, lines and mesh fences with the TouchRetouch app. (Image credit: TouchRetouch app/Apple App Store)

The logo from the TouchRetouch app.

(Image credit: Apple App Store/TouchRetouch app)

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Have you ever taken the perfect photo only to spot a person or pigeon photobombing in the background? Or an annoying shadow or a stray plastic bag floating about? If you have Photoshop skills, you can remove unwanted things from your photos in seconds, but if you haven’t, you should try the TouchRetouch app for the iPhone and iPad.

Don't worry, it’s not just another photo editing app. Instead, TouchRetouch is specifically designed to tackle these challenges and effortlessly remove unwanted elements from your pictures, making it a must-have for iPhone users who want only the best-looking images.

While many photo editing apps focus on enhancing colors or adjusting contrast, TouchRetouch is dedicated to removing unwanted elements that detract from the overall appeal of your photos and little else. This is good if you’re trying to take and post more authentic photos and don’t want pages of filters to scroll through, but still like editing out important details. 

User-friendly and high quality

TouchRetouch is designed for simplicity. Its user-friendly interface allows you to start retouching photos immediately. With the single-touch retouch feature, you can remove blemishes and unwanted objects with just a few taps. The app's automatic detection tools make the removal process clean and straightforward, eliminating the need for super precise edits.

TouchRetouch offers advanced removal features that go beyond basic editing. It can eliminate overhead power lines or the bars of a fence. You can also erase larger items, like street signs, bins, and even photobombers, using the object removal tool. If you’re capturing a photo from behind a wire mesh, TouchRetouch can handle that too, clearing up the details in the foreground that are often present in zoo or sports game photos. 

I like TouchRetouch because it usually does a good job of maintaining the quality of the original image. Granted, it’s not expertly perfect – it is a simple app, after all – but for the most part, it doesn’t compromise on resolution and ensures that edits are effective and invisible. 

If you’re a photographer who wants a quick and simple way of cleaning up shots on the move or you simply like posting good-looking photos to social media, TouchRetouch is well worth adding to your photo editing app library. 


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