Best shopping apps for iPhone and iPad

Getting in and out of the mall with your sanity intact can be a challenge in and of itself, nevermind trying to save money in the process. Life can be made just a little easier with the help of a few apps on your iPhone or iPad, however. We've found some of the very best apps for finding deals, amassing coupons, and checking prices.


eBay is the grand-daddy of selling stuff online. You’ll find individuals and full-blown stores selling obscure and mainstream items, a securely integrated payment platform (PayPal), and a proven karma system to provide both buyers and sellers with confidence. The mobile app is fully-featured, including filters in search results for price, buying format, model, and brand.Selling from your phone is pretty easy too, with barcode scanning to identify your product, and integration with the native gallery to upload pictures.

If you’re having trouble finding that specific something in stores, eBay is certainly worth a gander.


ShopSavvy is the perfect app for figuring out whether or not a sale is actually a good deal. With a quick scan of the barcode using your device’s camera, you can find out if there are better prices for the same thing online or at other stores in your neighborhood. Even if you can’t be bothered to make the purchase through any alternatives, ShopSavvy can be a helpful tool when getting stores to price match. You can also see any historical pricing data they may have on file, so you can get a sense of how much more (or less) you might pay later. There are also a ton of social elements built in, including optional Facebook integration, and a commenting system where you can leave tips on goods for other ShopSavvy users, add new friends, and share wishlists.

Overall, ShopSavvy on iOS adds a lot of polished utility and social networking to your shopping experience.


Amazon is the biggest of the big online retailers. With their mobile app, you can browse their exhaustively massive catalog of stuff, including apps. It has all of the same filters and sorting options as the eBay app, like price range, brand, and category. You can add items to your wishlist, share them out to your various channels, and check out high-quality imagery.

Toss in an Amazon Prime subscription, and you can get just about anything in the world delivered to your doorstep with lightning speed, and you don’t have to be at your PC to do it.


RetailMeNot is one of the top couponing websites out there, and with their iOS app, you’ll be able to stay on top of all of your local deals. You can set notifications to pop up based on nearby malls, which is particularly important for those time-sensitive coupons, and mark certain stores as favorites for quick reference later. Claiming coupons is easy enough with the embedded browser.

If you want to get a deal on something and you’re pretty sure there isn’t going to be any massive sale any time soon, RetailMeNot can help you out.


Groupon continues to offer really excellent local deals. Coupons offered through the service are either limited in quantity or timeframe, but the iOS app helps you take advantage of them as soon as they’re ready. Groupon deals can be gifted to friends and family with ease, check out the Groupons you’ve already cashed in on, and browse what’s new in each category.

Groupon is especially good at finding sales on courses and restaurants on your neighborhood - be sure to keep an eye out!

Those are just some of the top-notch apps on iOS to find the best deals year-round.  How do you use your phone to save?

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Best shopping apps for iPhone and iPad


"Overall, ShopSavvy on Android adds a lot of polished utility and social networking to your shopping experience."


There is another shopping app I use more than these called ebates. Not only do they have coupon codes for you to use at pretty much any retailer, but they also give you cash back on your purchases, usually around the 5% range depending on the store. Unfortunately for you only get like 1% back, but it's better than nothing.

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I love ebates. I've been using it for years on the website and was thrilled when an app finally came out.

Sent from the iMore App

I'm often fond of using Target's app too. Get info in the store, check for items online, order, pickup or delivery... Lots of options.

There's also Cartwheel which gives you additional discounts that you can stack on top of coupons and redcard discounts too.

I like wootstar. A great app for woot deals. 1saleaday has a bunch of great deals too.

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I think the Amazon app works great and the latest eBay update was really good! improved the buying experience a lot with a very nice and easy to use UI. Have not tried Retailmenot or shop savvy yet, will add it to my list. Thank you for the recommendations.

I use EBay ShopSavvy and Amazon all the time great apps for shopping in the Palm of my hand

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I don't really find groupon a deal finder. At least not for products. Decent deals for restaurants. Shop savvy is good for finding the best prices. I have used it for price matching at best buy.

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Red flag deals is a great app for Canadians. Some amazing deals like last weeks future shop best buy video game trade offer

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Awesome list. I, like many others out there, prefer to do as much shopping online as possible, especially during the holidays. Just the thought of those over-crowded malls makes me twitch. I'll take a cup of coffee, my couch, and an iPad over standing in line or fighting for parking spaces any day lol

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I currently use Amazon and love it. I've used RetailMeNot in the past though and it's great. I'll have to give the others a shot.

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For me I love how amazon allows me to toggle from the Canadian site to the American site.

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I second RobertDB!! Ebates is one of my favorite app when it comes to online shopping. I have few checks (cash back) from them already.

Also, I sometimes found some interesting and good deal on Groupon for my kids and family.

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... But when it comes to coupon code, nothing beats RetailMeNot yet, considering manufacturer's coupon problems with other apps out there, this RTMN doesn't have that problem so far -- as it offers store coupons only...

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I use an eBay-like local website. There's 2 versions. One caters for desktops/laptops and the like. The other for mobile phones/smartphones. I like how their rating system works. I know it can be a little tricky but at least it gives you some info about your buyer/sellers' reputation. Better than nothing, right?

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I never shop retail without SnipSnap and RetailMeNot. The first has saved me so much money over the past month alone, completely unexpected, which makes it even all the better.

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Have a look at - loads more functionality and lets you keep lists for anything you are looking for. Keeps track of shopping ideas and lets you add to them in a number of ways - also does barcode scanning and price comparison

Have you guys heard about Tiendeo? You cannot shop directly but you can check out catalogs, weekly ads and lookbooks from stores in your area to find the best deals... a good way to save I guess! Works out for me anyway, and I like the app...