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iMore weekly photo contest: Summer fun!

It's summer time and that means beaches, bikinis, cookouts, fishing, boating, and more. And this week's photo contest will cover exactly these things! Grab your iPhone, get out there, and show us what you do to keep cool in the summer whether it's lounging on the beach, boating with friends, or enjoying a barbecue with family.

Anything summer related counts but make sure your entry stands out from everyone else's by using all the iPhoneography tips we've given you guys over the years.

The contest begins today and ends Tuesday, July 16th, at 10pm Eastern time.

It's also time to announce the winner of last week's photo contest! And the winner is...

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Candy Crush confessions earn one iMore reader some cash!

If there's one thing iMore loves even more than iPhones and iPads (and iPods!), it's giving cool iPhone and iPad accessories and apps to our awesome readers. This time we we did things a little differently, and Georgia asked for your Candy Crush confessions. Just how much have you spent on the game via in-app purchases so far?

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iMore weekly photo contest: Patriotism!

Tomorrow is Independence Day for all our American readers so we thought a patriotic themed photo contest was in order. As to not leave anyone out, the theme is simply patriotism. Any kind and anything you want to snap in order to show support for your country. Whether it incorporates your nation's colors, flags, or anything else you find inspiring, we want to see it!

The contest begins today and ends Tuesday, July 9th, at 10pm Eastern time.

It's also time to announce the winner of last week's photo contest! And the winner is...

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Win yourselves an iPad, courtesy of Crackberry.com?!

It's been a rough end to the week for our BlackBerry loving friends over at CrackBerry. The PlayBook, the one and only tablet from BlackBerry, long promised an update to BlackBerry 10, has basically been killed. A sad day for those who clung to their PlayBook waiting, hoping, but CrackBerry is determined to turn the mood around by giving away any tablet that isn't a PlayBook. That's right; you could win an iPad on CrackBerry!

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iMore weekly photo contest: Sunsets!

Alright iPhoneographers, our weekly photo contest is back! This week, the topic will be sunsets. It's summer time and we know lots of you are out and about whether it's on a beach, hiking, or doing other fun summer activities. Sunsets are one of the most beautiful things in nature and summer is a perfect time to catch lots of them. We want to see what kind of sunsets you're seeing where you're at.

The contest begins today and ends Tuesday, July 2nd, at 10pm Eastern time.

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Confession time! How much have you spent on Candy Crush? Tell us, and we just might pay off your bill!

Today's Talk Mobile is all about the dark side of gaming and I have a confession of my own to make: I've spent a chunk of change on my Candy Crush addiction already, and I assume perhaps so have you?

Well, maybe that's something iMore can help you with!

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Who won the trip to NYC for the Talk Mobile launch party? Find out now!

Did you get your RSVP in for the Talk Mobile launch party in New York City next week? It's going to be a spectacular event, with all the Mobile Nations editors and a ton of fans and some very special guests all together under one roof to celebrate. This is the first time we've done a cross-site celebration like this, and we have no doubt that it's going to be a night to remember. We have DJ Mia Moretti lined up for some sweet aural stimulation as well as good food, strong drinks, and thousands of dollars in awesome prizes to be given away throughout the evening!

Aside from the lucky fans that managed to snag a spot at the party by RSVPing online, we had a contest to send one lucky reader and a guest to NYC for the party, with paid airfare and hotel, and it's time to announce who that person is!

Drum roll please...

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RSVP now for the Talk Mobile 2013 party in NYC on June 6!

Mobile Nations, iMore, and the entire network have just announced Talk Mobile 2013 and while that's exciting, this might just be even more exciting -- we're throwing a giant launch party in New York City on Thursday June 6 and we want you to be there!

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Next week we'll tell you all about #TM13, today we'll give you a chance to win a trip for two to NYC for the launch party!

For the past month or so, we've been teasing you about our new online event, code-named #TM13. That ends next week, when we officially announce the event, and tell you all about it. In the meantime, here's one last tease:

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Still waiting on an ADN invite? Well third time's the charm! As in 300!

We keep giving away App.net (ADN) invites and you keep gobbling them up faster and faster. The last 200 went in what felt like 2 minutes, so this time we've got 300 to give you. If you're still not familiar with ADN free accounts, they're a great way to try out the many services ADN offers, including the Twitter-like microblogging platform, the better-than-DM messaging service, and the cloud storage offering. ADN is a complex, chocked-full-of-potential service, and it's smart to let people try it out for themselves and get a feel for it before deciding to go all-in on a paid account.

If you're still looking for an invite, hopefully 3rd time will be the charm! And if you're fine, tell your friends. Tell all your friends. But fair warning, they'll go fast. So, if you want want one, grab it now!

By using an invitation, you'll automatically follow iMore. (Since you're here, we're hoping you don't mind, but you can promptly unfollow us if you like, and while we'll be sad, we'll understand!)

You can also find the iMore staff on ADN via accounts below. You should follow us. We'd love to hear what you think!

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