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App Giveaway: iMovie for iPhone and iPad

In celebration of our new Photography and Video forum, TiPb is gifting 5 copies of Apple's iMovie for iPhone and iPad!

For a chance to win, head on over the forums and leave a comment telling us why you want to win a copy. Do you want to be able to quickly create home videos of your family? Or do you have an epic movie planned out? Let us know and...

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App Giveaway: Calculate the cost of gas with Cost2Drive for iPhone

Cost2Drive is an iPhone app that helps you price out the cost of your commute or road trip. It calculates this cost by using realtime gas prices along your route. And if you're curious if it'd be cheaper to drive, Cost2Drive will do that comparison for you as well.

I will be making a huge move from Colorado to California in a few months, and you bet I'll be using this app to help me price out the cost of the move!

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App Giveaway: Bop It! for iPad

The classic game and toy Bop It! is now available on the iPad! In case you don't remember, in this game, you are given commands that are associated with specific objects (such as Bop It, Twist It, and Pull It) and you must correctly complete them.

I love Bop It! I would spend hours and hours playing it as a kid, both by myself and in groups. I'll never forget the time when we had a group of about 20 kids playing "Pass It". Good times, indeed. It may not be the same, but playing Bop It! on the iPad brings back those memories and is quite a lot of fun.

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Contest Winners: Naztech Boom Speaker, MadPad

Here are the winners from our last few contests, including our Naztech Boom Speakers in pink, blue, and black, and MadPad for iPhone and iPad to get in tour! If you didn't win, don't worry, we also have a bunch of great new contests under way, so check them out and enter now!

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Win a FREE Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4!

Friday Saturday Freebie time again, and since I'm doing the post this week I get to pick my absolute fav case from the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store to give away FREE -- the Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case for iPhone 4!

This is just one of the sweetest cases for your iPhone 4. Totally shiny. And all you have to do to win is head on over our iPhone Accessory Forum and leave a message telling us what -- or who -- you need this hot looking case to protect your precious iPhone from!

Giveaway starts now and ends Sunday at 12pm PDT. Ready... set... ENTER NOW!

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App Giveaway: YouMail for iPhone subscription

YouMail is a alternative to the iPhone's built-in visual voicemail. It lets you listen to your voicemail on any device, computer, or email account. It also has a much a more sophisticated caller ID that includes the caller's name and location.

The above mentioned features are available for free, but for a monthly fee, you can have your voicemails transcribed into text so that you can read them instead of listen to them. This transcription is human-powered, so it is extremely accurate.

If you were to ask me what I use my iPhone for, I'd spatter off at least ten different things I regularly do, but "to make calls" would not be on the list. Needless to say, I hate voicemail and would much rather someone text me than leave me a voicemail. In fact, I rarely actually listen my voicemail and instead just shoot the person a text asking what's up.

I need a YouMail subscription.

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Seidio Innocase Active for AT&T iPhone 4 review & giveaway

The Seidio Innocase Active case for the iPhone 4 is a nice choice if you want decent protection but don't want something as bulky as an Otterbox Defender. The case is made up of two separate pieces - a harder outer shell and a rubberized case that goes on first to give the phone a little more protection and padding.

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Giveaway: Win one of 4 FREE licenses for iPhone Made Simple training videos!

iPhone and iPod touch Made Simple are a series of training videos geared to getting you and your business up to speed with Apple's mobile iOS devices as quickly and easily as possible.

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App Giveaway: Air Horn

Air Horn is an iPhone and iPad app that mimics, well, an air horn. The sounds were recorded from real air horns for a realistic feel.

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Contest winners: Jabra DRIVE, BookBook, iWork for iOS

Here are the winners from our last few contests, including our Jabra DRIVE giveaway to keep you connected in the car, BookBook to keep your wallet and iPhone in one place, iWork to help you get back to school (or work), and MoneyWiz to help you keep track of all the cash you saved due to awesome TiPb giveaways! for iPad giveaway to keep you entertained and happy. If you didn't win, don't worry! We also have a bunch of awesome new contests under way, so check them out and enter now!

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