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Manage your finances with MoneyWiz for iPad [Giveaway]

MoneyWiz is a finance manager for the iPad. It just received a big update which includes French and Spanish translations, a Net Worth feature, financial forecasts, smart auto-completers, and the ability to manage Payees.

I am terrible when it comes to managing my finances and I keep telling myself that I'm going to get disciplined with it. When I do, I will likely use MoneyWiz to help. The UI is amazing - it's packed with so many features, yet doesn't feel cluttered.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Tuesday, August 30 [Giveaway]

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

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Move it On for the iPhone [Giveaway]

Move it On is a new iPhone game designed by a couple of teen developers and their company, Twirlbound Studios. Your little robot has malfunctioned and rides on continuously - it's your job to make sure he doesn't get hurt.

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Create a new Marimba remix for iPhone Live, win fabulous prizes! [Contest]

Have some musical talent, think you can remix Marimba -- the default iPhone ringtone -- into a kickass anthem to take our iPhone Live podcast into 2012 and beyond, and want to win about $200 in cash and prizes? Oh yeah, it's on!

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iPod nano, Aquapac, Overboard [Contest winners!]

Here are the winners from our last few contests, including our awesome iPod nano giveaway to help you get Superfunctional and overcome the Walking Dread, and a super-sweet Aquapac and Overboard from our TiPb TV Bond Boat Bash to beat the late summer heat!

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Peggle HD for iPad hits the App Store [Giveaway]

Peggle, the insanely addicting game by PopCap, is now available on the iPad! Oh dear. This is bad news. I may get the worst-mom-of-the-year-award since I'll be spending all the hours in my immediate future playing Peggle. Once I start, I just can't stop. And since I'm particularly cruel, and want to take up all your time as well, TiPb is going to gift some copies of Peggle HD to our amazing readers!

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Learn math with Mathical for iPhone, iPad [Giveaway]

Mathcial is an educational app on the iPhone and iPad meant to help kids improve their arithmetic skills. It include 5 different fast-paced mini games targeting key skills.

I've play around with the iPhone version of Mathical and it's fun! These games may be designed for children, but many adults may find some of them to be challenging as well.

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Mighty Fin for iPhone, iPad [giveaway]

Mighty Fin, the arcade game by Launching Pad Games, has been updated with universal iPhone and iPad support. The goal is to guide Fin through the water and collect bubbles.

I'm really enjoying Mighty Fin! The graphics are fun and the gameplay is both relaxing and challenging. It's a great little time killer.

Details, screenshots, video, and giveaway details after the break.

[App Store link]

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Due for iPhone and iPad updated [giveaway]

Phocus' reminders app for iPhone and iPad, Due, has been updated with some tweeks and changes.

The beauty of Due lies in its simplicity. There's no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize. What there is however are what that matters: a note for your reminder, and an alert that is set up in mere seconds.

  • Super fast - Set up a reminder with alert in seconds—up to 3x faster than Calendar app
  • Get to the timings you need in a tap
  • Reusable countdown, egg timers
  • Keep track of outstanding tasks with Smart Badges
  • Never miss any reminders with Auto Snooze Repeatedly notifies you of missed reminders until marked done or rescheduled
  • Reschedule and defer reminders quickly
  • Recurring reminders: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and more
  • Track past reminders and quickly create new ones based on expired reminders by recycling them within the Logbook
  • Time Zone Shifting - Receive timely reminders no matter where you are in the world
  • 12 great sounding alerts of varying lengths to choose from
  • Universal app, looks and works great on both iPhone and iPad
  • Keep reminders in sync across your iPhone and iPad with OTA Sync via Dropbox
  • Backup, email and restore databases right within Due
  • Undo support
  • Secondary Alert & Alarm mode
  • Reliable reminders that don't require any Internet connection

Here are some of the new changes:

  • Interval on date picker now dynamically changes to accommodate due times that cannot be accurately displayed by user’s preferred interval setting
  • Editing the value of a timer with an auto-generated label now updates the label to match the new countdown value (thanks @mutewinter)
  • Now hides any transient animation on quit to prevent jarring transition on next resume
  • Overdue and Today+Overdue badging now faster
  • When setting up a new repeating reminder, ‘Repeat from date’ follows the ‘Due date’ automatically

I love simplicity done right and Phocus has nailed it with this app. Due takes away the task of keeping track of tasks.

The good folks at Phocus have given us some promo to give away! For a chance to win, just let us know the type of tasks that you need reminding for.

Due is a universal app for iPhone and iPad and is available for $4.99.

[iTunes link]

Have an app you'd love to see featured on TiPb? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

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