C-Spire Wireless to launch iPhone 4S

C-Spire Wireless to launch iPhone 4S

C-Spire Wireless, formerly Cellular South, has announced they'll be launching the iPhone 4S on their network "in the coming weeks". Pre-registration starts today.

So there's your fourth carrier in the U.S., and it still isn't T-Mobile?

More: www.cspire.com/iphone

Source: Business Wire

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Joe McG says:

How is it not on T-mobile? I think Sprint had to insist on exclusivity over T-mobile. Amazing...

stephen007 says:

Doesn't T-Mobile use different wireless spectrum? Frequencies that the iPhone doesn't handle?

Tony the Tiger says:

T-Mobile is a GSM network, just like AT&T. Factory unlocked iPhones work just fine on it, it's just the 3G frequencies are different. So if you're on T-Mobile, you'll get EDGE.

J. Williams says:

I don't know what the disconnect is! Even though I would never buy an iPhone, this is silly. Who the heck is this company? Ahahahaha really? T-Mobile should have the iPhone by now, for real. Faster speed than Att and better customer service than Verizon and Sprint!
What is the deal apple?

Cbu23 says:

Ha, ha, ha......A win for the little guys! A regional carrier with the Iphone 4s...pretty epic!

Tojasonhoo says:

Website isn't very iPhone friendly.

Alex Willis says:

I AM SWITCHING NOW! C-Spire is the mother network. ALL WILL BOW DOWN TO THE GREAT CELLULAR SOUTH........ I mean... C-SPIRE!!!!!

youtube says:

I am happy when reading your artcle! I have a great harvest.