C-Spire Wireless to launch iPhone 4S

C-Spire Wireless to launch iPhone 4S

C-Spire Wireless, formerly Cellular South, has announced they'll be launching the iPhone 4S on their network "in the coming weeks". Pre-registration starts today.

So there's your fourth carrier in the U.S., and it still isn't T-Mobile?

More: www.cspire.com/iphone

Source: Business Wire

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C-Spire Wireless to launch iPhone 4S


T-Mobile is a GSM network, just like AT&T. Factory unlocked iPhones work just fine on it, it's just the 3G frequencies are different. So if you're on T-Mobile, you'll get EDGE.

I don't know what the disconnect is! Even though I would never buy an iPhone, this is silly. Who the heck is this company? Ahahahaha really? T-Mobile should have the iPhone by now, for real. Faster speed than Att and better customer service than Verizon and Sprint!
What is the deal apple?

Ha, ha, ha......A win for the little guys! A regional carrier with the Iphone 4s...pretty epic!

I AM SWITCHING NOW! C-Spire is the mother network. ALL WILL BOW DOWN TO THE GREAT CELLULAR SOUTH........ I mean... C-SPIRE!!!!!