iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 free color conversion giveaway winners!

iPhone 4 & 4S color conversion giveaway

It's time to pick our winners for our color conversion giveaway! Lots of you entered and had tons of awesome ideas on how you'd mix and match colors to personalize your iPhone. Unfortunately, we can only pick four winners, and they are....

Congrats to the forum members above! You'll have your choice of sending in your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S for a color conversion through PXLFIX or having us mail you out a DIY color kit to do the conversion yourself.

We'll be contacting each of the winners soon. If you didn't win, check out some of the other contests we are currently running below and enter for your chance to win even more prizes.

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There are 4 comments. Add yours.

tomuky says:

I'd rather break copyright laws and have a color conversion with the Apple logo.

Analog Spirit says:

I'd like to have one in carbon fiber.

MAGNUS says:

omgomg!!! I won... So stoked. I wanted red or blue but cant decide. Standing by for email guys... THANKS AGAIN!