iPhone 4S, will it blend?

Love them or hate them, Blendtec has just released its latest "Will It Blend" video and you guessed it, it features the iPhone 4S.

Tom has adapted the new Siri technology from the new iPhone 4S into his Blendtec Total Blender

The video shows the iPhone 4S getting the familiar industrial blender treatment, this time with a Siri adapted version of the blender; well thats what Tom would like you to believe anyway. The video is below, if you don't enjoy gadget destruction, look away now!

Source: YouTube

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Reader comments

iPhone 4S, will it blend?


I got to tell you... its starting to make me want to buy one of those blenders.........
If you come to think of it... its the most inexpensive add with the most watched times.

It would be a waste of money. If you want a real blender for cooking, get a VitaMix. If you only use a blender to make the occasional margarita, save hundreds and get a KitchenAid or something like that. But, if you do cook a lot, you'd be amazed at the things a VitaMix can make that most any other blender cannot. (ex: cream of cauliflower soup to die for, or low-fat alfredo sauce that is nearly as good as the real thing... even starting with hunks of un-grated parmesan, etc.)
I'm guess the Blendtec could do some of these things as well (though, i haven't looked at the speed and other specs), but the design of it isn't nearly as conducive to kitchen use (ex: the controls are 'techie' but not really for the kitchen). The container doesn't look nearly as well designed, etc. I've also read dozens of reviews from people who have used both who recommend the VitaMix. They need to put a more of their money into R&D rather than iPhones and other tech gadgets. It was a novel commercial idea the first time, but has gotten rather old.

If you need to blend your electronic gear... I guess you need a Blendtec. If you want a kitchen appliance, the VitaMix is much better. (Most people use these things for cooking.)