iPhone 4S two months later

iPhone 4S two months later

The iPhone 4S has been on the market for two months now so it's time for us -- your TiPb and Mobile Nations editors, writers, and podcasters -- to take a second look at it. Has it lived up to our expectations? Has our appreciation for the iPhone 4S grown deeper with time, or is the honeymoon over and the initial sheen long since worn off? Apple typically only releases one new iPhone a year, so how it holds up over time -- especially when competing devices seem to drop daily by the dozen -- is an especially important consideration.

If you're still the considering the iPhone 4S, if you're still on the fence, check out the material below and then read on for our re-review, 2 months later.

Seth Clifford

It's been two months since the iPhone 4S launched, and after using it consistently for that time, a few thoughts have materialized for me. Some of the more straightforward ones revolve around the quantifiable changes in the device and software itself. It's faster, more responsive, the camera shutter is vastly improved - things of that nature. But the thing I didn't realize until I actually lived with the device was how transformative something like Siri could be.

We all know other phones have (and had) voice controls long before the iPhone did, and it needs no repeating. But the defining factor lies in the experience Siri brings to the everyday use of the device. It possesses a personality, and an instant rapport with the user that no other phone can lay claim to, and its usefulness quickly went from a novelty "let's see what she says when I say this" to indispensability. More importantly, this is only the beginning. As we see development grow, and services added, Siri will become even more useful and rewarding. Even now, I sometimes forget that it's there, and rediscover little ways to make my day and my interactions with the device easier and more pleasurable.

And if that isn't Apple's mission in sheer user terms, I don't know what is.

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Alli Flowers

Unlike most of the others, I have not had my 4S since launch day. I decided to wait until I was eligible for an upgrade and save the money to use on accessories.

When the 4S was announced, I could not find a compelling reason to upgrade. Siri holds no particular interest to me, and at some point you are not going to notice a difference in speed if games are not your life.

I finally decided to do the upgrade based on the camera improvements. The move from 5 to 8 megapixels is not huge. (I've long maintained that unless you are enlarging or doing photo editing most people don't need more than 3 megapixels.) However, the improvements in the lens and the addition of the 5 element design sounded too good to pass up. I use my iPhone camera for everything, and I really wanted to be able to stop carrying a camera unless I was attending a truly special event where I would need additional lenses. (You know, like going to see the Saints wallop the Jaguars.)

I'm very happy with the camera improvements. I have discovered that when I'm at home, I like being able to dictate my text messages - and they're frequently correct, requiring little editing. As for speed, I don't notice a difference coming from my iPhone 4 based on my frequently used applications. And Siri? I'm waiting for the novelty to wear off. If I want to make a calendar change or add a reminder, I don't want to compete with people asking Siri what color her underwear are.

Ally Kazmucha

After using my iPhone 4S for some time now, I can honestly say I'm happy with my purchase. While the upgrade was probably more justifiable for 3GS or 3G users, I had some reservations about it really being a worthy upgrade from the iPhone 4. At the end of the day there aren't a ton of feature changes and next to no design changes. The two features that really blow me away on a daily basis that make the upgrade worth it to me are Siri and the camera.

Siri has kept me a LOT more organized. I hate adding calendar events and reminders by hand. I love being able to tell Siri to remind me to do something at a certain time. I've also become a lot more efficient with utilizing my calendar. I don't forget to schedule things anymore or to move them around. I just tell Siri to do it. Not to mention she keeps me pretty entertained during down time.

The photos that the iPhone 4S take are nothing short of amazing, considering we are talking about a camera phone here. Will the camera replace a DSLR for many people? No. But I don't feel the need to take a second camera to family events or other functions anymore. I feel safe relying on my iPhone 4S to get the job done well. The camera is not only much better than the iPhone 4 camera but it responds quicker. The phone as a whole responds quicker than my iPhone 4 ever did. Everything from rebooting to opening and closing apps is quicker.

I was skeptical at first but I have to say I'm happy with my purchase.

Chris Oldroyd

Agh, I really don't want to sound like a hater but I am going to tell it how it is. Two months after buying the iPhone 4S all I feel is disappointed. Siri doesn't work very well at all for me in the UK. I would say on average it works less than 50% of the time for me and about 10% for my wife. With those sort of results, Siri is unusable for me.

The camera is the only part of the iPhone 4S that has been worth the upgrade. It takes great pictures and pretty good HD video too. The processor speed bump is nice too but I could happily live without it.

To sum it up, I sold my iPhone 4 before the iPhone 4S was announced. Because of that I had no choice but to upgrade. If I hadn't sold it, I would still be more than happy with an iPhone 4. In my opinion the iPhones 4S is a great upgrade for those with a 3GS or earlier iPhone, but just not worth it for those already with an iPhone 4!

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Leanna Lofte

Has it really only been 2 months since the release of the iPhone 4S? I feel like I've had this phone forever, and that's a good thing. Its like a best friend - I can't imagine life without it.

When all we had was rumors of Siri, I thought it was lame and couldn't imagine myself using it. Now, it's something I rely on. I use Siri to set my coffee timer in the morning and to remind me to do all sorts of things at certain times or specific places. I use Siri to write emails and send text messages during my commute, and I use Siri to make phone calls. When bored, I even use Siri as entertainment. The cool part? This is only the beginning of Siri.

Then there's the photography of the iPhone 4S. I never in a million years thought I'd be getting photos this good from a cell phone.

I just wish Steve had lived long enough to see how much people have grown to love this phone - the most amazing iPhone, yet.

Matt Miller

It has been a couple of years since I owned an iPhone, but when the iPhone 4S was released I was looking for a new phone on Verizon and also felt it was appropriate to use the purchase as a symbolic gesture of thanks to Steve Jobs for his innovation with Apple products. I have been using it with my unlimited data plan every day since then and other than the rather disappointing battery life I am extremely pleased with the latest iPhone. Much of my pleasure comes from the outstanding camera, helpful Siri assistant, and amazing developers that create apps for just about everything you can think of.

Before the iPhone 4S was announced I swore I wasn't going to buy a new iPhone unless the display was larger. Honestly though, I don't feel too cramped by the 3.5 inch size and find the pocketability more than makes up for the display size. I love that Flipboard is now on the iPhone, along with cool new Evernote apps, Spotify, WordsByPost, Starbucks card, Jawbone UP, YouVersion Bible, Facebook, Twitter, and so many other apps and services that enhance my life. I don't see this iPhone 4S going anywhere soon and imagine my next Verizon phone will be a newer version of the iPhone.

Mickey Papillon

As The self proclaimed Cell Phone Junkie, I find myself regularly purchasing and reviewing phones from various manufacturers running every OS out there. Though, when it comes to my day in and day out personal device, I've been consistently using the iPhone since 3G model in the winter of 2008. With each iteration of the device, I've either lined up at the Apple store to pick one up on launch day, or with the 4 and 4S, ordered them so I had them the day they came out. The 4S was a difficult choice for me, as I was very happy with my 4, but wanted that extras the 4S had to offer. Fortunately, i had a line upgrade available, so I was able to choose the 16GB Black version with only $200 out of pocket. Further, I sold my 4 to a family member for $300, making the decision a no brainer.

Two months later, I'm happy to report that the 4S is the best iPhone I've ever used. With the upgraded camera (used constantly for taking shots of my now 10 week old son), to the antenna enhancements (no more network pause button!), to the iPad 2 like speed, to the phenomenal iOS5 interface. The device has it all, and I couldn't be happier. Sure, I'l still find myself picking up the latest devices on the other platforms, but when it comes down to it, I know the integrated ecosystem Apple has built, along with the simple and reliable nature of the iOS will keep me coming back.

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Chris Vitek

Two months ago I opened my wonderful little box of white goodness, the iPhone 4S (first time I have gotten one in white). After two months of playing..er...using it, I have to say I am generally pleased with the new features (both iPhone features and iOS 5 features).

I like the new message system, although it took me a while to tweak the notifications to my preferences (I remember for a while that I would get inundated with messages every time I unlocked the phone). Siri has been surprisingly useful, both for hands free calling and texting, but I also find that I have been using it much more than I have ever used any reminder app. I never minded the fact that it was the same form factor - since I got a white one, it is like a new design me for me.

I got the 64GB version (which was a nice boost) and I have been pleased with the nice little boost in storage capacity (previously I was always very close to using my full 32GB). I don't have multiple phone models sitting around, so I can't really compare it to any new released from Android and Blackberry, but I have compared it to my wife's iPhone 4. While I don't notice a HUGE bump in speed or processing, there is a noticeable difference that makes everything more snappy and responsive. Overall, the phone has been a nice upgrade to the iPhone 4, even really the only new feature is Siri.

Rene Ritchie

Two months in and the iPhone 4S remains a no-brainer upgrade from a feature phone, older smartphone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, but one that requires some careful consideration for iPhone 4 owners.

Here's mine.

The iPhone 4 was one of the best pieces of industrial design ever to grace consumer electronics and it still looks every bit as good on the iPhone 4S, even these many months later. But it's what's different that matters to me most.

Where my iPhone 4 would often lose signal at my mother's house, the iPhone 4S has never faltered. The new, intelligently switching antenna array is rock solid. Where the iPhone 4 would flow smoothly for the most part, the iPhone 4S positively flies. The Apple A5 chipset is a monster. When the iPhone 4 would take good pictures for a phone, the iPhone 4S camera takes good pictures period. The glass behind that 8mp, 1080p camera is fantastic.

And then there's Siri. I use it every day. It makes creating reminders -- which is a chore in the app itself -- ridiculously easy. It makes writing everything from texts to decent sized emails easy to do even while driving, cooking, or otherwise in a situation difficult or impossible to type. It's not perfect, it's still in beta, but it makes a hundred small tasks which previously caused friction almost delightful to get done.

Two months later and I consider the iPhone 4S, for me, an incredibly worthwhile upgrade.

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And you?

Well TiPb Nation, you've read what we've had to say, now we want to read your opinions. If you've had an iPhone 4S since launch, or just since last week, how's it holding up for you? What did you upgrade from and how worthwhile was the upgrade? What has amazed you and what has let you down? Give us your review, 2 month later!

Have something to say about this story? Leave a comment! Need help with something else? Ask in our forums!

Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iPhone 4S two months later


I really like the phone. It's better in so many ways than my iPhone 3G. I've had it since launch. The only part that bothers me is the battery life. For some reason, I can only get about 4 hours of usage on 3G, and rarely 5. Otherwise, it's great.

I upgraded because my husband was due for the upgrade, he was using an old blackberry, so he graciously let me purchase the white i4s 64GB on a 3 yr term and then I graciously gave him my black iphone4 32 gb. He now uses his i4 ten fold compared to his blackberry.
I mainly got the i4s for Siri. I love her very much, mainly for the same reason as everyone else has said Siri makes all the tedious tasks into easy spoken ones that you can do with a simple hold of the home button. She can read incoming texts for you when you are driving and allows you to respond hands free, with some pretty decent accuracy.
As for all the other bonuses like A5 chip and the increased quality of the camera, I love those too, mainly the increased quality of the photos, you can seriously forget about bringing your regular point and shoot to functions and just rely on the camera phone.
As for upgrading:
For myself because I was able to use the husband's upgrade discount I would say the upgrade from i4 to i4s was a no brainer for me, however I wouldn't recommend going out and dropping the cash to purchase the phone at full price unless you are made of money. Wait for your contract to end! As we all know in less than a year the iphone5 will come out and all the i4s people will be dying to get their hands on it.

When I first got my iPhone i was extremely excited since this would be my first iPhone. My wife and I were unwilling to deal with AT&T and really enjoyed Verizon's coverage. So for iPhone 4 I had no upgrades. I'm really glad we waited. I thought this would be a great device but then I realized it was some missing features that I was used to in my Droid X. I was the typethat liked that colored led letting me know if I had an email (green), a text (blue), or IM (red) without turning on the screen. I also miss the apps that know when I'm at work or going to sleep so they would put the phone on vibrate or silent, respectively. But the phone is amazing and Siri has really been an interesting addition. We after 2 months really love our iPhones and are glad we decided to stay with Verizon.

I was underwhelmed after the iPhone 4S press release and somewhat relived as I still had almost a year to go with my 32GB iPhone 4. But as usual, the marketing got the better of me and I ended up paying to upgrade early. I really thought I would have buyer's remorse, given the small scale of the upgrades, but I absolutely love my 4S. I got a white phone this time so it looked a little more like a new model, and it's really grown on me. I'm not as excited about Siri as some people (though it does have it's uses in certain situations). For me the camera is a massive surprise; every year the press tell us how we can ditch our point and shoots for the latest camera, and this year the hype is finally justified. It's fantastic! The iPhone 4 never had any problems taking outdoor pictures in good iChat, but indoors it always had a horrible yellow, borderline red, cast. The white balance on the iPhone 4S n the other hand, is more accurate than my Nikon D300. Love it!

I originally had the iphone 2g and 3gs before switching to android. Over the last year and a half I've had damn near every Android phone on T-mobile and Sprint. Having the Epic touch 4g got me the iphone 4s without having to pay for it at all. I did have to trade it for and htc evo and a asus transformer, then trade the transformer for an ipad 1, then trade the evo and ipad for the 4s lol. This all about took me a month to do but I got what I wanted. Since I had iphones in the past I have a ton of itunes apps,shows,movies so loading up my iphone 4s on day 1 was a blast I forgot I had some great apps. Coming from the epic touch 4g i would lose signal while listening to espn radio to and from work the iphone never drops out. I thought I would miss the huge screen but truth is I have hulu and netflix on my phones and never watch either on my phone. I also never used 4g on sprint either im usually around wifi and dont feel sprints 4g is worth the battery drain especially on android. The camera on the epic 4g touch was no slouch so the iphone 4s camera didn't blow me away, though its very good. Siri did blow me away though as setting reminders is a life saver and it takes no time at all to voice them. Also sending a quick text while driving is a breeze, and just saying siri take me home from anywhere is nice gps feature as well. Its doesn't hurt that I use a macbook pro either and every time i charge my phone it syncs to my computer using icloud. The feature i use the most is reader in Safari I love it and it makes having a 3.5inch screen a plus to have when browsing and when reading articles. All in all the iphone 4s is the first phone that makes me not want the next best thing and for me thats a good thing.

The speed is rather significant to me. Apps open much faster, and basically getting to where you want to go is much quicker whether its settingsor what.
Siri is the game changer though one could argue whether the 4S was needed for Siri which is why it's mixed that i say this. You want hardware reasons to be the reason for upgrading, not a software feature thrown in even if Apple tried to qualify it by saying the 4S packs necessary hardware changes for it. But this is how it is and so yes, if you want the benefits of Siri, you need the 4S.
Still, at the end of the day, you want improvements all around and we got them. I didn't need a new form factor. I did get a better processor, mic, more storage, better antenna, hspa+ (though its not exactly a difference in my area..thanks att), and camera.
What's changed a lot is how i use this iphone 4s vs the iphone 4. Now i can dictate texts in the car. I can set reminders with my voice. I can use Siri to play songs or playlists or shuffle (before Siri, i'd say play so and so song and it'd start dialing someone). It's quick enough to serve as a go to browser. It has enough storage to hold more. The camera is even better and almost eliminates the need for a camcorder or point and shoot.

It's an iPhone, I know what to expect. Im not going to talk bout its reliability or its smoothness. But the Dual Core, Retina Display, Camera, Siri, Notification center are amazing. It makes everything easier. If you have a Mac and Apple TV, it makes home sharing a ease. But the camera is absolutely amazing. The extra lens is head and shoulders above the rest and it will be a long time before other cameras even come close to that with being that thin.

Great reviews! Everyone mentioned Siri, and all but one (Chris) praised the feature. Clearly, Apple has more work to do in UK English recognition, but Siri is still in beta.
PC Free didn't get many votes for "Best iOS Feature," but together with iCloud it has ushered in the post-PC era for all iOS devices. (Apple TV already had its own form of PC Free, of course.) I think it's an underrated feature, one that we'll look back on as a key milestone for Apple.

I really like mine. I like all the new features I think they're extremely helpful. The reminders app is great, Siri can be useful, voice dictation is the best part about the phone I think. The biggest disappointment is the battery life. I get much better battery life with the iPhone 4.

The 4s/Siri for me was very very good. but after 2 weeks, the honeymoon (4s/iOS5) was over and honestly was missing the jailbreak.
I really wanted the better hardware so the jailbreak and additional software would run smoother. The lack of a jailbreak put me off. Put me off big time. To the extent that 2 days before the 30day mark I returned the phone for a skyrocket.
LTE made a huge difference and even though i really like the 4S 100x more than the skyrocket and its POS android system, I don't see myself returning to the 4S. Maybe the i5 if and ONLY if a jailbreak is ready and available.
From the looks of it, a jailbreak solution will be hard and between, making the hardware pretty much useless for support and updates, essentially making the iPhone an updateless phone, just like android is.
Still, there is NO device better than this one and I have regretted many times to have returned it. Simple things like GEOWeather. GeoLocations and that sort of things, just work.
I still think that iOS need a major overhaul. The design of icons on a page are getting old and I got a bit too tired of them. Functionality is 100%, but... I was expecting a bit more of a change in the UI already.

Agree about the icons on the welcome page. So 2007. Poor use of precious real estate on the screen. I want something like Android's widgets or Windows Mobile tiles that display something useful rather that just some beautiful but useless icons.

Apple really needs to get on this battery life thing. It's been two months and I'm still getting one and a half to two hours less usage time out of it than my iPhone 4 on iOS 5.
I've tried everything, including a factory restore to new iPhone and althought I got maybe a half hour more usage it's still a far cry from my iPhone 4.

Faster than my 3 year old iPhone 3G. Battery drains faster than my 3 year old iPhone 3G.

I have only had my iPhone 4S for about a week, my first iPhone, and I can already see and feel that the sheen will not wear. In fact, the more I learn and am able to incorporate the many functions into usefulness the more this becomes true for me.
I agree with what has been said about the usefulness of Siri. At first a novelty, this feature has really added gobs of value to the experience of having an iPhone 4S. Every day I use Siri to set reminders and events and to basically keep myself in order in a way that makes me feel as if I really do have a personal assistant. She has an edginess to her that sometimes has me think I should fire the b*tch but I can't do without her so I put up with it.
I have had a smart phone in my hands so often in the past my friends had a secret bet to see how soon I would take it out on a recent camping trip. I actually didn't take it out that trip, my first trip sans phone, but now I imagine the iPhone 4S, and especially Siri, will be a welcome fireside companion. Really.
It seems those who upgrade from prior iPhones are not as thrilled as those who are new to the experience but I think that's to be expected. When you eat steak every night you do long for lobster every now and then. I do. No, I don't eat steak every night but I do long for lobster. Long for lobster?
As a former Palm Pre user who loved the Pre I can find no fault with the change to the iPhone 4S. Nothing but amazement. I had high hopes for the Pre but should have known better given the lack of support for past Palm devices I owned. I don't see that sort of abandonment from Apple so I'm happy, and I see nothing but more of the same over the next 20 months of my contract.
My only issue now is what to do with my iPod Touch? I have fallen in love with that device over the past year and now I have all of that and so much more. It is truly a gift to have a problem like this.
When you think about it, the idea of "do you still like your iPhone 4S" is kind of silly. No disrespect intended Rene. I totally get and agree with revisiting and feedback. I'm just saying I have nothing but gratitude that I can have this experience. I feel so fortunate. I really do appreciate this more than I can explain in words, both the iPhone 4S and what you have done here with Tipb.
This is good stuff. Thank you.

I love my iPhone 4S, got it on release and don't have any complaints about it. It's reliable, fast, easy to use and I'm loving the new camera and Siri. Siri is a service I didn't know I needed.

I was at the right time for a change from a Blackberry Storm 2 to the iPhone 4S at Verizon. A big change like this was more than just a phone change. The 4S is a great phone and I get it why many might feel the upgrade might be in question but, I am visiting my wife in the hospital and with the free Wifi I can use FaceTime to share a visit with my family who live in another state. To see our new grandson like this is well worth the change and the upgrade.

i like it but ive already gone back to my blackberry bold 9930 twice, because the iphone makes for a terrible messaging device. it looks pretty and its fun to use, until you have to type a message. ill be using my blackberrry for business adn my iphone for fun, because no matter how powerful a devce is, in my opinion, without a keyboard, its still a toy.

It's faster and has Siri(when she decides to work). That's about it. Apple better get with it. Android hardware has a substantial lead. That's capitalism.

After arriving on the 4S from a Palm Pre (minus), you can easily guess how I feel overall :-) Even the Apple curated app store has been a complete winner from my perspective.
The thing that gets me is how so much of the iPhone experience is very well thought out and implemented yet, there are some parts that can't even be called a dull shine. Some areas of the software need attention. I really miss the genuine multi-tasking of the Pre for one. To be able to look up information on one card while another card happily continues until your return.

I switched from AT&T with the iPhone 4 to Verizon with iPhone 4S. I'm traveling more and AT&T's coverage sucks compared to Verizon but Verizon's data speeds are noticeably slower. As far as the comparison between the two iPhones go, I can't say anything that other people haven't already said. Siri is nice but the only time I use it is while driving. Camera is better, battery life is noticeably not as good but for me not a real problem yet. I think the speaker on the iPhone 4S is a lot better. It's better than my iPad 1. The main thing i've been excited about is iOS 5 though I'm wondering Apple's 200 new features are simply changes and additions. Do they count moving the Message alert repeat to the Notification Center a new feature? But this is slightly off topic.....
If I paid full price for the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, I would have been very disappointed but all in all the iPhone 4S is a great phone.

Upgraded from the iPphone 4 to the 4s. Honestly, not a big jump. I don't use Siri at all - seems gimmicky to me. And I miss the battery life from the 4. Maybe it's just me but the 4s won't go more than 24 hours.
All in all, slightly disappointed with the 4s.

Really get tired of people excusing Siri's hiccups because the software is still in Beta. You guys can call it whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is that Apple bases much of their 4S advertising around Siri, to the point that is arguably the biggest draw of the new handset, and no where in their advertising do they mention that the fact that Siri is anything but a full fledged, finished feature. Beta means nothing to the average consumer, and if you sell ten billion devices, the primary feature better work. You guys may call it Beta, but I call it buggy and inconsistent, the the point of uselessness.
"Call my wife."
Siri: "One moment please.... .... .... .... Let me think... ... ... ... I'm sorry, Ken, I'm having trouble connecting to the network right now."

I agree. I sell phones and when attempting to display Siri I have to tell the customer...umm its having server problems.

I wouldnt mind the occasional server issues if apple could get on with making the uk version of Siri more useful. I am so fed up with the 'I can only do this in the usa and if you ask me in us english'

Hardware-wise, iPhone 4S is the best phone I ever had.
I don't have any experience of older iPhones (4S is my first one), but I can compare it with all other phones I have/had: Android, Windows Phones, and Windows Mobile - and it beats them all in hardware.
- speed
- great build quality
- amazing screen (shows that AMOLEDs are a bloody gimmick)
- amazing camera
I have quite a few gripes with iOS 5 though - as someone who uses WP7 in parallel, iOS feels quite dated with all the sea of icons and no real equivalents of things like live tiles. Also I really miss hardware back button.
And it is not really PC-free, isn't it? I still have to use iTunes for advanced photo management, or transferring non-iTunes music to the device, etc. And Siri is quite limited in UK so far...

The Iphone 4S is my first I phone and its a good phone. I would not say its a truely great phone as a 4inch screen and NFC would have put it in another class.
But its more reliable than my Android DroidX and Siri is a nice toy.
FYI: Im originally from New Zealand and and Siri needs a lot of work to be able to understand my accent. I get less than 50 % accuracy and probably closer to 20%.
Im sure it can only get better though.
Overall, A nice phone and Im still glad I made the move from Android.

What everyone else said.... I love it....
Sure there will be better phones built tomorrow and forever but Apple truly stands behind their products and I like the fact knowing that I can break/lose/upgrade my iphone and with a simple login to the iCloud I have all my old settings back at my fingertips within minutes.. It's the continuity and support throughout the device line that I like most.. My mother owns a Droid X and she can't wait to switch to the iPhone 5. I have converted 2 family members and a couple friends so far. Can't wait for the iPhone 5...

This is my first iPhone. It is good and I love the device - but it's not great. Coming from a blackberry- I really miss profiles. I don't know how many people used the various profiles to turn alerts on or off, but they were great and it seems to me this would be a no brainer addition to iOS.
Siri and I have a love/hate relationship. I think it's because I spent the first month asking her open the pod bay doors! While it is nice and while driving it comes in handy- if I just speak normal, it doesn't usually get what I'm saying, or it just can't get the server to work. Overall, I think Siri was too new to release. I know it's just Beta, but maybe it should not have been the main selling feature of the new 4S. None of the other changes, at the end of the day, we're really touted like Siri was.

I thought at first that i am buying one of the expensive phone in the world. But after my purchase i really found it as one of my best friend as you have mentioned.
This is really a worth upgrade i have done :) Camera .. no words.. simply amazing.

This is my first iphone and I'm really happy with it having switched from Android Samsung Galaxy S. The speed and camera are amazing. However, Siri is a big over-hyped let down. The majority of the time Siri tells me "I'm so sorry, but i can't take any requests right now." And to everyone with their condescending "its Beta, don't you know?", please put down the koolaid. As a former Android user, I am very familiar with Beta software and the hiccups & glitches that come along with it. I switched to iphone to get a finished product with tested software because I want a phone that works 100% of the time.
Siri is no reason to jump to the 4S as it is so unreliable. Apple's silence on the Siri malfunctioning issue is annoying, but after the ridiculous way Apple handled the iphone 4 antenna issue, my expectations weren't very high.

I agree with what has been said about the usefulness of Siri. At first a novelty, this feature has really added gobs of value to the experience of having an iPhone 4S. Every day I use Siri to set reminders and events and to basically keep myself in order in a way that makes me feel as if I really do have a personal assistant. She has an edginess to her that sometimes has me think I should fire the b*tch but I can't do without her so I put up with it.

To highlander there is an untethered jailbreak for all a5 and a4 ideviceas by ipod2g It's coming In a little bit I bet it I'll be open by the end of they year jailbreak is coming soon it was a bi*ch but they got it

Battery drains faster than my 4, but laughs at my Desire HD. I can still go all day without a charger after heavy use. Snappier, more responsive. Siri was a cool novelty that made me feel like it was worth the phone. Good "look at me" factor at parties and the smoke pit at clubs. I live in the UK but I'm a Yankee and although it sucks I can't use it to locate places, it can still understand me every time. The camera is fanfuckingtastic. I went to Paris last week and didn't even consider bringing another camera. Instagram was artsy enough for me, and the stock camera shots were excellent. Even in very low light, I was impressed...I took some pictures in the Catacombes, and it still turned out great with low noise. Having the extra horsepower and iOS 5 was perfect for pulling my phone out and double tapping for the camera, and doing it very quickly to get that shot. Games are pretty, but I feel like they are impulse buys for me. The graphically gorgeous games don't hold my attention as well as the simpler stuff.

Some good reviews, having lived with one for a month, I can safely say that Siri has transformed me! I think I would find it hard to go back to my old HTC Wildfire now. Sure, that had voice control, but realistically I couldn't use it to navigate the phone like I do with Siri.