iPhone 4S Photoshop template for developers and designers

iPhone 4S Photoshop template for developers

Marshall Bock has posted a set of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Photoshop templates on his blog. They include:

  • Both 4 and 4S models
  • Both black and white body colors
  • Portrait, landscape, and angled orientations
  • Every combination of the preceding bullet points
  • Rendering that matches Apple’s product images as closely as possible
  • Created at high res scale for Retina Display
  • Made entirely of vectors and layer styles for scaling up
  • Full alignment to a 2px grid for pixel precision at 50% scale
  • Screen images as Smart Objects for inserting your own screenshots
  • Clean, organized, color-coded, well-named groups and layers

Handy asset for both developers and designerGo check them out.

Source: Marshall Bock via @flyosity

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iPhone 4S Photoshop template for developers and designers

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