iPhone 4S available on Sprint

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced that the new iPhone 4S will be available on not just AT&T and Verizon, but Sprint as well!

This is huge news as there have been many Sprint users wanting an iPhone. Not to mention, Sprint has been a major ac

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Michael Beaver says:

I'm excited. Can't wait to get one on Sprint.

David Strom says:

I loved Sprint when I was a customer, and only left when I decided I wanted an iPhone bad enough.

tazh89 says:

what does this mean for android lol thats what people said about verizon too...in europe iphone is on all major carriers and that has not affected android...got to make sly comments about android when ever you can

Robert White says:

Yep. Doesn't mean a whole heck of lot. Just a minor upgrade to a phone over a year old. Disappointed.

Michael Beaver says:

Just because they didn't go and change the design doesn't mean it's a minor upgrade. I'd say that an 8MP camera is a pretty big upgrade, Siri is pretty awesome (don't tell me google has had this on Android for a while...Siri is much more advanced), plus the A5 processor making it 7 times faster is still pretty awesome.

dloveprod says:

I would still be with sprint if they got it the second year.

Rayman2170 says:

Oh yeah. I switched from sprint to get the iPhone 3G way back when. I much prefer their service. And as long as they at least start out with an unlimited data plan like Verizon did. I'm totally buying it. If not I'm keeping my iPhone 4 and my unlimited data and waiting on the iPhone 5.
Just thought, will the next iPhone be called the iPhone 5? Or will they call it the iPhone 6 just to keep the iOS and hardware numbers the same?

Jay says:

where is the iphone5 ??

Jay Mobile says:

hmm I may just go back to sprint after all although I am paying less on att right now? While Sprint had excellent customer service over the phone there in store cs was horrible.... decisions decisions

Jrac19k says:

what ATT plan do you have? The Sprint 450 plan with unlimited data and messaging is way cheaper then ATT. Plus sprint has free minutes for any called cell phone. Im paying $69/month.

Rodrigo Barbosa says:

My wife has an Android and was hoping for a lot more to make the switch. Too much talking for nothing. I guess she won’t be jumping ship right now.

RICHPAT1 says:


Teldy01 says:


EagleyeSmith says:

Sprint is about to make a killing. They have the best plan out there. Unless you're grandfathered into a unlimited plan etc etc. and/or don't care about CDMA, yea, Sprint is licking it's chops! I'm happy for them! (but they still cannot do voice and data at the same time. ... lame)

Breitmike says:

Uhhh....correction....YES you can have Data and voice going at the same time....Its called 4G and Sprint has it.....and I use it all the time...talk while using data 4G connection....works great !

EagleyeSmith says:

... I don't know if you know this or not but by your comment, I don't think you do. The 4S isn't a 4G device ... It's still 3G annnnd that being said, CDMA doesn't offer voice & data at the same time. :-)

talkin73 says:

I'm guessing this person is simply making the point that 4G allows this option which was NOT included in the i4S. So, by Apple's own doing (not a lack of technology that runs on CDMA networks) Sprint and Verizon i4S users will continue to lack the ability to do voice and data. A non-issue for other Sprint and Verizon users with 4G phones. A bit hard for me understand why this was omitted given that 4G phones have been rolling out and we probably won't see another iPhone til mid or late 2012 if their release cycle continues... or early 2013 :-O By then the market will be ripe with 4G phones and people will have to decide if they are willing to lose that feature available in Android phones to get what the i4S gives them.

kamann says:

I think this and their $79.99 unlimited everything plan I'm definately interested.

shack1108 says:


Moonoverparma00 says:

I was hoping for a bigger screen. This is an epic fail in my opinion. This is stuff blackberry would do, a little faster processor and more memory.

Kussface says:

oh thank GOD for the iphone... I didn't know what to do without a new webOS phone cuz there's no way I was go down grade n get Android phone. IPhone till new webOS phone! I'm on it!

Deihmos says:

Guess ytou will be using the iphone forever then.

Breitmike says:

most likely we will never see a new WebOS phone....dont hold your breath....hell, Google will probably buy WebOS soon...put some stuff into it, and it will really be great !!

miguel says:

does anyone know if it will come with the spring navigator??? its a deal breaker if i get the new iphone or buy a new android (which would suck).

Daniel_yorro says:

When the iPhone gets on the 4G network and when Apple decides to install dual-core processors into them, we will talk about what will happen to Android...

xstoby says:

there are dual core processors in the new A5 chip. It is as fast as all 4G phones according to the keynote... lets talk about what will happen to android.

catpunt says:

if sprint passed up on the nexus prime to get the ip4s i will be so mad

Daniel_yorro says:

Didn't they just release the nexus 4g over the summer ?

catpunt says:

yes but they have (had?) a strong relationship with google since the evo 4g. i'm worried that they will focus all their efforts on the ip4s launch and beefing up their network for the influx of subscribers

Mtv757 says:

like the wsj said, sprint has bet the farm on the iphone........

tazh89 says:

atleast they tell us and give us the option... remember apple how they only gave you the choice after they got caught lol

iMore-On says:

Exactly the same situation for me.

knoidea says:

me too... original pre here.... cant wait to stand in line for the sprint iphone 4S.. this will be a maaaajor upgrade for me...lol and the screen will be bigger to me as well since im coming from a pre

Winski says:

Final proof that T-Mumble is the worst carrier in the US.....period.

Brittneynichole86 says:

How do u see all your stuff on Google? I guess I never realized this!

Breitmike says:

I cant beleive some of you STILL use a Palm Pre. I had a Pre, it was a rockin cool phone..WebOS was cool......but technology has made it old news....There are many better, faster, feature rich phones out since Pre, and iPhone is kind of dated too....

Pjdarmis says:

Woot! But, unfortunately we still have to wait!!!! We can't pre-order on the 7th!!!

Newric says:

Original Sprint Pixi owner from day one. Loved WebOS, hated the hardware. Sad to see this day come. I've resisted the iPhone and any Android phone, but, alas, the day has come to part with Palm and become a statistic.

Chris says:

I've been a Sprint customer for 10 years, and an iPod Touch owner as well. I'm fairly stoked about using only one device instead of two. Sprint does have the best price for unlimited internet, we'll see if they stick with it when the iPhone is available.