Samsung moves to block iPhone 4S sales in France and Italy

Apple announces iPhone 4S

Just a day after Apple announced the iPhone 4S, Samsung has filed two separate motions for preliminary injunctions to block sales of the iPhone 4S in Paris, France and Milan, Italy.

Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and free ride on our technology. We believe it is now necessary to take legal action to protect our innovation.

This move is an expected one, however, as Samsung has been holding their finger on the lawsuit button just waiting for the announcement.

What makes this one so interesting is that Samsung's patents are FRAND, which means they're licensed under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms. That means Apple should simply be able to pay the same bill any other manufacturer has paid for their use. It's also different from the design infringement and non-FRAND patents Apple is already suing Samsung over.

Source: Samsung

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Reader comments

Samsung moves to block iPhone 4S sales in France and Italy


looks like apple bit off more then they can chew.. it was bound to happen. apple should have spent more time on the phone and less time trying to sue the company they are scared of. maybe we would got a lil more then the Iphone 4s. the "s" stands for sucker in my books now.

They tried it. Apple sued. The saga continues.
[insert obligatory "Samsung copied" comments here]
[insert silence of me not responding to them] lol

We should have let the asswipes in the North have the South in kimchiland!
Good for u Samain'tHung ... piss those people off if they can't get their iPhone 4S's... You fucking stupid...

lol. i only got to the "u Same_ain't" and i scrolled down to see if i was the only one not getting it. lol. wtf was that?

dude if u dont know any shit, please go fucking read a fucking lawsuit. Apple also banned samsung galaxy tablet in some countries...Samsung eventually had to take back all their tablets.. Apple also took certain part of samsung phone and put it in iphone thats why they're having the lawsuit and shit. god ur fucking stupid.. what do you say now? asshole.

when someone speaks like that i think it's probably futile for them to try and read complaint. Their head would explode as it would likely be written with intelligible grammar. I have no clue what that dude said.
I am actually not anti patent law or anything. I do think though enjoining their products in are fighting words. They should expect the gloves to come off. And they did. And i believe in one comment somewhere on tipb i predicted samsung would do this. I don't do patent law but i'm just not surprised. i'm not saying the aren't violating stuff but i'm not surprised this is happening.

Couldn't Samsung use this money to put something besides plastic in their phones? Why give money to lawyers when your phones are cheaply made? doesn't make sense to me.

Does everybody see what this knucklehead from FOSS Patents has started?
I'm not talking the lawsuits which are themselves stupid... But now bloggers are believing themselves to be experts on patents & terminology. Love the mention of so called 'FRAND' patents that anybody is entitled to use but Apple's are exclusive to them & so much more valuable. Ummm OK.
Haven't seen the US patent & trademark office confirm any of that yet. Hasn't stopped Lodsys has it?

my very big objection to legal discussions on tech blogs is tech blogs tend to lack the needed legal background (let alone the specialized background needed to comment on patent law) to adequately discuss the issue. It's often tech geek dogma about how everything should be free and we should ban all copyrights. I've heard people say that hear all the while ignoring the fact that much of apple's own code is copyright protected and much of it's products thrive because patent and copyright laws prevent others from just stealing them.
regardless i get that things need to be simplified, but i've read articles written by lawyers that address similar topics that do a better job touching on legal issues and i just sort of object to dumbing down a rather complex aspect of law to cliches, partial analysis, blah blah blah.

Stupid is not the work, blocking sales of devices in a region only hurt the consumer. If I want an iPhone and due to a Samsung lawsuit I can not get one then do they think I will buy one of their products, hell no. As Samsung sells a lot of other products that Apple does not there is a good chance I would be a potential consumer, these types of moves hurt us and have a negative impact on them, this goes both ways Samsung and Apple. Stop the madness and just spend your time and money on building better products.