Siri App Store app to be discontinued Oct. 15. iPhone 4S Siri not coming to Canada?

Siri App Store app to be discontinued Oct. 15. iPhone 4S Siri not coming to Canada?

Looks like the old Siri app will officially be yanked from the App Store on Oct. 15, hot on the heels of Apple baking it into iOS 5 on iPhone 4S. It also looks like while Siri for iPhone 4S will be available in the US and UK, it won't be available in Canada at launch. At least Apple's Canadian website is completely devoid of any Siri mention at all.

I'd make an accent joke here, eh, but if true, it's disturbing for Canadian users. Why would Canada be left out? Either a patent issue or a licensing issue that's unique to Canada?

And without Siri -- the highlight of Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event -- is an iPhone 4S enough of a new phone to still interest Canadian consumers?

Rene Ritchie

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Abtin Adib says:

so glad their stock went down, its the stupidest FU.. thing ever.

Guest says:

Seriously. Why am I getting penalized for an upgrade? This is just going to teach people who were used to it to live without it.

Guest says:

Ask it "why are you leaving?"

Guest says:

Read the above. It's going away on the 15th. I get something that was working fine pulled because I don't have the latest&greatest iphone.
Sounds like penalization to me.

Nothanks says:

Just like all of the other upgrades you should be able to update your iOS when the new version is available. Problem solved.

Jerry says:

Yeah, it's ALREADY been yanked from the app store. So much for Oct 15th. We've all been iShit upon

BuddhistGirafe says:

All of you who are bitching about this. I agree with you. While you all sound like 12 year olds saying FU Apple, I do agree with you. I was excited for Siri. And considering the upgrade. But this just.. Well. Not cool Apple. I feel I may be looking into android soon.

Guest says:

Wow, thanks for the backhanded compliment Capt. Maturity.

LinuxLover says:

They couldn't make this work on ALL iPhones using iOS 5? Why not?

USAFRetired says:

So now you have to purchase the 4S for Siri? Thanks but no thanks. I don't use it that much anyway.

cp7 says:

While I am as upset as many of you here, I also know that Apple paid a hefty price to pickup siri. From their investment point of view, they have to make that money back and they are doing what any other company would do to make money. Since when do people complain about Apple wanting to make money? this isn't anything new. We all know this.

Guest says:

If cost is really an issue, why not charge a small price on the app store? It was free, so any price will be pure profit at this point. Once people get the 4GS and rave about Siri (and they will, it works really well, even for a mush-mouth such as myself), those that want it will gladly fork over the cash to get "siri-lite".
In fact, this is a smarter business model as it will not only pull in app revenue for those who can't/won't upgrade, but also give the user a more stripped down product so when they do get the 4GS (or later) iPhone, it'll be a far better experience.
it's a win/win.

TimBoe says:

Yep.. Siri.. For sale in the app Store for $0.99 Siri for Sale on the New 4S $199.00-399.00 along with the new 64Gig. of Space!! Yea!!! What a Deal!!

Lars says:

The Siri app is already gone from the App store.

Crabapple says:

Buy Our new 4S until we crap on you again with the new 5g! And hurry-up we need to get rid of all these old iphone 4 parts!!!.

Jannie21 says:

as usual...................

Crabapple says:

Um duuuuh.. WINNING!.. Apple Dropped the Soap again and wants us to pick it up!.. Man it just never seems to end!! I will NOT Drink the Cool-Aide!!!.. no!

Jim says:

If you want a bigger screen or wait until February when the LTE iPhone5 will launch with it's 4 inch screen and sleek form factor. Though it may be limited to just those companies capable of operating an LTE network.......

Guest says:

This app never delivered on it's promises anyway. Deleted it from my phone long ago. Good riddance.

Graham says:

Mine stopped working about an hour after the announcement. Just tells me Siri could not download required information from the server. Looks like it is dead. I am running iOS 5 GM seed.

Lawrence says:

for apple to release siri to the canadian market, siri needs to be in both english AND french... :(

AngeRosser says:

I asked Siri why are you leaving...
"That's just the way I am" was the reply.

FlopTech Engineering says:

Nice knowing you, Siri. You served me well. See you in 2012 when I get the iPhone 6? Or will it be called the "4G"?

FlopTech Engineering says:

Oops. Somebody hacked your account Thomas. Sounds like a pre-teen.

Jcwillia1 says:

Siri not visible on app store now. Also not in my list of purchased apps.

Guest says:

Wow you are gorgeous!

C says:

wow.. can you say " i need to get a life?!?!?" that over a phone huh? id love to see all the bumps on YOUR head from being dropped as a

Aloha Analytics says:

Damn, didn't even know it existed. Not at the App Store anymore.

Jacques Pienaar says:

Well SIRI app doesnt work in South Africa, really hope with IOS intergration it will. Its the only part that was exciting. My iPhone 4 will be fine till next year once ios5 is loaded. But really hope to get SIRI as well

audicy says:

From the Vancouver Sun…….UPDATE: Siri will be on the iPhone 4S sold in Canada and as with the phones sold in other countries on Oct. 14, it will come with versions for English for the US, the United Kingdom and Australia as well as French and German. So when you turn on a new iPhone 4S here, Siri will be there and you can choose from one of those languages. If you choose American English, presumably Siri will understand most of what you say — just don’t use ‘eh a lot. If you choose French, it is the French of France, not Quebec. Hence, Apple is not including Siri on its Canadian web site because, strictly speaking, there is no Canadian version of Siri. Apparently that is still to come. The fact that Apple released Siri as a beta version gives some indication the iPhone 4S release date came ahead of Siri’s readiness to make her debut.
I’d suggest if Siri is an important consideration in your decision to buy an iPhone 4S, try testing out the service by talking to her before you buy. That’s difficult if you’re buying online, or if you’re planning to line up to buy the one of the first iPhone 4S’s on store shelves so if you do that, make sure you are clear on any refund policy.

mark says:

I've had the Siri app for more than a year on my 3GS, but as of today, it no longer functions. Error received, "Sorry, a problem occurred receiving response from the server." I mean it was an earlier version of the one now released and it was my little workhorse that I used often. Why couldn't they just leave this one alone and just promote the new Siri exclusive to the iPhone 4S?? How can I request they re-instate, re-activate or bring the old app back online for us legacy users??? Not fair, and plain rude and manipulative. I enjoy my iPhone 3GS and don't feel the need to have to upgrade especially when I hand pick my apps so that my phone is tailored for my specific needs wants and leisure. Disappointing and expected from the business side of apple. So much for customer "experience", when they can't charge you for it. I'll be looking into android.
p.s. - I'm not in this rat-race, upgrading every year for the sake of upgrading. Phones used to last 4 to 5 years or until they croaked, now the Jones's have influenced the whole lot of new-aged fanaticism.

Anonymity says:

I HAve the new phone; no one told me that this feature would be usless for me to use on maps restrants among other things! i am steamed feel like sending it back? and i will be going to consumer affars office

Anonymity says: this app does almost has much and is a free app from nuance! it works

Anonymity says: this app does almost has much and is a free app from nuance! it works

nightclub guest list says:

Hey i guess then android phones are better than this....

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