Over half of smartphone buyers plan to purchase iPhone 4S

Over half of smartphone buyers plan to purchase iPhone 4S

ChangeWave has a new survey out indicating 54 percent of near-term smartphone buyers are planning on picking up the iPhone 4S over competing devices.

The late December survey looked at smart phone demand trends going forward, and finds Apple iPhone demand remains incredibly strong more than two months after the iPhone 4S release. Among respondents planning to buy a new smart phone in the next 90 days, better than one-in-two (54%; down 11-pts) say they'll get an iPhone. Apple has never dominated smart phone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release.

The survey, conducted in late December, studied 4,000 North American consumers with the results suggesting huge demand for the iPhone 4S even with it being more than two months old. Based on ChangeWave's history, this also advocates the iPhone 4S as being Apple's most popular release, as they've never covered the spread of planned smartphone purchasers this far after a major iPhone release.

In addition, Apple continues to lead smartphone satisfaction rates with 76 percent being very satisfied with their iPhone, compared to the nearest competition coming in at around 47 percent with Samsung.

Source: ChangeWave

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Reader comments

Over half of smartphone buyers plan to purchase iPhone 4S


That's because the fascination with android is over or I should say the novelty has worn off. The os is still buggy and laggy and a lot of devices are still waiting for updates. I had two androids and now the 4s and couldn't be happier. Now I can't wait for a LTE iPhone.

Lol.. Cool story bro.
I'm still enjoying my Android devices, glad to be rid of my Apple & iDevices.

I would argue the opposite. The snail's pace that iOS is innovating and the current stale state of the OS is starting to drive people to other options. iOS has finally started to lose its luster in the eyes of the consumer, at least those who have had smartphones before.
$10 says iOS 6 looks exactly like iOS 5 with a few tweaks. People want what's new and exciting.

I disagree. People want what works seamlessly and can provide stability as well as a vast number of functional apps. Not buggy, lagging phones that freeze up and need several reboots a day. who wants to learn new os just for novelty? If its simple, and beautiful and working perfectly, what more can anyone ask for?

Well, my iPhone 4s is laying on the counter collecting dust and I'm using the HTC Vivid as my daily driver. That says a lot, actually. No freezing or lock-ups to be seen and battery life has been on par if not better than my 4s.
I see what you're saying and I have been there, but iOS got stale for me a long time ago and every time I go back and give it a try, I get bored fast. I would rather use a WP7 phone than an iPhone. At least I get some information at a glance and my apps are in alphabetical order.
It is stable and it works really well, but not every Android device is laggy, plagued with reboots, and/or horrible in the battery life department. It's simply a misconception. Having had over 12 different phones in the last 12 months, I can honestly say that I speak from experience.

Right, that's why people get excited over Apple products. You here it in the news, read about Apple products all over the Internet. But yeah, it's losing it's luster. Why fix something that isn't broke.

"Why fix something that isn't broke". That's a great philosophy. Perhaps we should still be using the same tanks we used in WWII, they worked pretty well. The Apple IIe was a great computer and worked. Not sure why we bothered making faster ones. Cell phones worked rather well before the original iPhone came along. How pretentious of Apple to think we needed a better phone.
It's called progress. And Apple has made very little over the last few years. The "notification area" is a rip off from a feature Android had back in 2008 and something iPhone users were begging for since iOS 3. Apple is very good at polishing the user experience and even better at marketing, but they stopped taking chances and innovating and that will hurt them eventually.
I'll be the first to admit that what Apple has works and works well. But they are behind the curve in terms of features. Even WP7 is catching up and will eventually pass them in the feature department and in some respects, already has (social integration).

Is 4,000 people looking to buy a new smartphone in the next 90 days really a large enough sample size? In the time it's taken me to type this there's probably been that many sold.

No it's really not, considering the amount of people you're comparing 400 surveys to, not to mention where the survey was taken and the age brackets of the individuals.

Well i guess we'll just have to wait and see. As we all now know or have heard Steve has passed away an Tim Cook has stepped up to his position he may just take Ios into a completely new direction.

Dumped a Droid (not so) Incredible for iPhone 4s and i'm loving it. All of the so called innovation of Android is just smoke and mirrors. They cram a bunch of stuff into the devices and it ends up being as buggy as the OS itself. And upgrading to a an OS update is torturous. After waiting weeks to have it pushed to your phone your phone acts worse than ever, for whatever reason. If it's not broke don't fix it is right. Android seems to go by if it is broke they still won't fix it. Apple has no reason to follow Android's model of "innovation" when they already have a huge following and a top notch product that works as advertised.

I have used every genarafion of Android and IPhone. I have a 4s cause it works best for what I want a phone to be. On a side note 4G is a joke, it is faster but only works in a few places.

Went in to Verizon, and they told me no 4S in stock at all. Their customer service is terrible. I know the 4S is very popular. I was told tajes about a week to get, but some customers have gotten one in three days. My contract has been up for a time. Drove to AT&T expecting the same thing. Just wanted to compare prices. They had plenty in stock. Now a new iPhone 4S owner. So I guess ui could say I was one who wanted an iPhone 4S.

What phone did you have previously on Verizon? You get faster data speeds on at&t with the 4S because of the upgraded radio in the new iPhone. Pretty cool.