Sprint releases Unlimited iPhone 4S commercial

Sprint has released its first commercial for the iPhone 4S titled “Unlimited iPhone”. The ad is all about the Sprint unlimited data plan that comes with an iPhone 4S on its network.

With over half a million apps, there's no limit to what the iPhone can do. So why would anyone want to limit the iPhone? We don't. Only Sprint offers truly unlimited data for the iPhone.

Sprint claims to be the only national carrier to offer the iPhone 4S with unlimited data with no throttling, metering or overages.

With AT&T touting their HSPA 14.4 data speeds and Verizon the coverage of their network, Sprint is smart to play the unlimited data card.

Source: YouTube

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Reader comments

Sprint releases Unlimited iPhone 4S commercial


Sprint really? If sprint giving away the iPhone for free I wouldn't want it on sprint network. Their net work is the most horrible piece of crap I've ever seen. I got the 4s on launch day with sprint, and it was such a pain. Siri keep having network issues, webpages sometimes take nearly 2 minutes to load. So out of curiosity, I did a speed test with my brother unlock iPhone 4 running on t mobile edge. he got 678kbps down and 224kbps up. My brand new sprint 4s got 124kbps down and 42kbps up. Anyway I kept the phone for 11 days and things just seems to get worst. But I did returned the phone. I. With AT&T couldn't be happier. Sprint suck assess.

I've had both an android phone and now an iPhone on sprints network. Unfortunately the android phone works better on sprints network. I've heard that the slow data on the iPhone is an issue that apple and sprint is working on. I'll believe it when it happens.

What about their other limitations like, can't surf web while on phone. AT&T lets me do that. My friend was disappointed that he couldn't with Sprint. He couldn't even receive a pic I sent him while we were talking. I'm staying with AT&T, especially because I'm a longtime loyal customer, I have unlimited data! Loyalty pays off!

I got my iphone 4s with sprint and was getting an average of 23k download speeds. with speeds slower than dial-up, i never would have to worry about even passing 2GB. Returned it in 24 hours

In this ad, the Angry Birds game app hovers over the ENGINE of the commute train. All I can think about is the Chatsworth CA crash, where the engineer was texting. Nice job. Not.