Sprint working to fix slow iPhone 4S data speeds?

Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web reports that Sprint knows about, and is working on, the slow data speeds frustrating many iPhone 4S

Now it seems that an internal email has been sent to Sprint representatives, informing them that Apple and Sprint are working together on a “confirmed nationwide issue” dealing with the slow data rates many users are experiencing. There was no information about what the cause of the issues are or what the expected resolution date might be.

Since the CDMA iPhone 4S is limited to EV-DO rev A speeds, they're going to potentially be much slower than an HSPA 14.4 AT&T iPhone 4S, but they should be equal to the similarly networked Verizon iPhone 4S.

Check out the link below for the details and, if you're on Sprint, let us know how your data is performing.

Source: The Next Web

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Sprint working to fix slow iPhone 4S data speeds?


Sprints data speeds are always slow unless you have a 4G phone in a strong 4G area. They dont care about their 3G anymore, my old pre suffered the same problem, they kept saying that towers were down but yet my coworkers with Evos had excellent reception on 4G when I kept bumping down to 1X. Switched to an HD7 on tmobile and data is so much better.

I barley got my iPhone 4s on sprint only because of the unlimited data. I'm experiencing very slow data speeds and I'm thinking of switching to AT&T. It would suck if they found a fix after I already switched over because I really need unlimited data.

had AT&T iP4 then pre-ordered a Sprint iP4s for the unlimited plans. phone came in the mail on the 14th, got pissed off at the horrible reception and speed so i went to an apple store and just got another 4s for at&t network. returned my sprint 4s at a store the next day... plus GSM>CDMA anyday.

I have been averaging between 0.1 and 0.3 Mbps in Los Angeles. I just shipped my Sprint 4S back to apple today. I'm going AT&T onThursday. I'm sure they are working on it . . . I'm just not going to watch my 30 day grace period for my contract extention pass by while I take their word for it. After 8 years, adios, Sprint.

Hey, even .01-0.3 consistently would be bad enough to switch, I'm getting 3-3.5 with AT&T and I live in the sticks. Dunno how it is in the cities, but in my area they've really stepped it up over the last few years. Good luck with the death star.

I am in Kansas City my data speeds were slow probably the first week I have the phone but as of a couple of days ago Speeds have been great I am getting anywhere from 1 to 2 Mb per second download and anywhere from 6 to 700 kB per second on my upload so I am happy it seems that that this issue has definitely gotten better for me and i am loving my phone!

With AT&T it was too many users sucking down more data than any phones had before, leading to heavy congestion in urban areas. Seems like that isn't much of a problem anymore, whenever I'm in Boston or NYC I get great data speeds, and I also get great speeds in the rural town I live in.

I went to the Jaguars football game last night and had flawless service with my iPhone 4 on ATT. I did a speed test and had a 126ms ping, 4.79Mb/1.11Mb. In the past I was lucky to get any data at all at a game. ATT has improved a ton over the years. Hopefully Sprint will do the same.

AT&T all the way. I'm getting 6.17mbps down and 1.37 up on my AT&T iPhone 4 here in NYC, while my cousin's iPhone 4s on sprint tops out at, 0.89 After about 8 test. She returned her sprint iPhone anyway. Sprint SUCKS big time.

126ms ping? That's pretty amazing. I'm lucky to get under 300ms ever on AT&T. I don't really mind, as you say they have stepped up their network; years ago the first person I knew with an iPhone (the 3G) had 3G almost nowhere, usually about 3 bars EDGE in Northampton MA. By the time I got my 3GS there was 3-5 bars 3G in most places. Then when I moved to Sunderland MA, a tiny little farming town, I had 5 bars EDGE, but a few months after moving in I got 5 bars 3G, with data speeds around 1 Mbps. In the neighboring city of Amherst, where I go to school, data speeds were around 4Mbps. Now with the improved reception on the 4S, I get 3-3.5Mbps in Sunderland and over 5 in Amherst. AT&T has stepped up their game indeed, Sprint with their smaller subscriber base is going to find it hard to compete.

Location definitely playing a big role in speeds. Just tried again in N Cincinnati and got 312kbps down and 216 kbps up. My other numbers were from Wilmington OH.

Location definitely playing a big role in speeds. Just tried again in N Cincinnati and got 312kbps down and 216 kbps up. My other numbers were from Wilmington OH.

The speeds are improving from the unusable 150 kbps now up into 2.5 mbps range (that is the fastest I've seen). Truthfully as long as I can get into the .5 mbps range I'm satisfied. The data speed that is necessary for the iPhone really isn't that high. Siri has been better lately too.

I'm on sprint in Greenville, SC and my data is way slower, had a pre 2 (frankenpre) and it was not bad. Defiantly has to be apple related although I kinda just shrugged it off as to many new iPhone users bogging down the network, similar to the launch of the original iPhone on AT&T.

Maybe it's just me, but the 3G Speed on the iPhone is no slower than it was on my EVO, honestly. They can make it faster, but I'm not dissatisfied at all. I'll trade battery life for more speed any day and I'm not disappointed there either.

Same here. Even on my EVO 4G, data speeds were just as atrocious as my iPhone. It's annoying at times, but I spend most of my time at home or work, and I just use wifi there. I can wait until Sprint completely deploys their Network Vision project.

I have to disagree with you guys. I have both the iphone 4s and the Evo... As I am writing is, I was doing a search on iphone 4s' slow 3G speeds. I am currently on my iPad which is wi-fi tethered to the rooted EVO because my f'n iPhone is too damn slow to even use the 3G for anything. I had to wi-fi tether my iPhone to my EVO in order to even activate it! This is complete bullshit. There's no f'n reason for this shit! I'm so mad, seriously the iPhone isn't even fun to use because of this. And forget about using SIRI!!!

AT&T is really the best experience for the iPhone. I know in big cities its sketchy, but being the iPhone is a data intensive device, when you have slow speeds, it really ruins the experience.

AT&T is really the best experience for the iPhone. I know in big cities its sketchy, but being the iPhone is a data intensive device, when you have slow speeds, it really ruins the experience.

Just got my 4S on Saturday and stayed with AT&T since I'm grandfathered into the unlimited contract.
Using 3G, I get 5.41 Mbps down and .83 Mbps up.
In fact, those speeds are better than my DSL connection which on my iPhone and Mac average 4.3 Mbps down.
I'm in Cincinnati, btw.

Its funny how at&t wants to call hdspa "4G", then wants to compare their speeds to Sprints 3G network....you cant have it both ways....

I was one of the first people to open a ticket about slow data speeds, i was in contdct with sprint today and they claim that the have found a fix. they said that they were going to implement the fix 10-29-11 at 5:00pm central time. lets cross our fingers and toes

AT&T doesnt really make a distinction between HSPA+ and regular 3G when it comes to accounts and billing, you'll still be good for unlimited data on either.

Why does this story of consequence?
Sprint has always had issues with their 3G service and their Wi-Max service is even more limited.
Unless you close to a freeway you won't get wonderful 3G from sprint just like you won't get that great a phone service. This was a quote from a Sprint Employee a while back. They located most of their towers near the freeway and interstate system and then as they spread out from the freeways systems they spread their towers few and far between offering a poor service.
This is why many people on Sprint get the same speed with their new iPhone that they got with their "4G" capable phones.
Hardly news. Early termination fee's is Sprints Biggest income.

iphone 4s on sprint and the data has had the worse speeds ever here in San Diego CA.. ever since i received my iphone data speed has been lousy. speed test download not even 512k 0.43Mbps..upload 0.11Mbps. Needs much improvement.

Slow data is not the only problem with sprint. You cant even talk and surf at the same time. That sucks! And when you try to check your email, it give you a message saying you cannot connect. Sure it works on wifi, but im not stopping at a Starbucks just to do that. If you are using this phone for business, which probably 50% of the people are, then sprint is not the service for you. Go with AT&T. They can do it. Sprint better figure out the issues behind what the subscribers are looking for or people will be jumping ship really soon.

that test couldve been testing from a far away location... the farther away you are from the download site, the slower it will show the speed, they probably chose to test from china or something

Just did a speed test in lawrence ks ping 195 dl 1.65 ul .50 Mbps
iPhone 4s sprint
Not that fast at all my be returning

Just did a speed test in lawrence ks ping 195 dl 1.65 ul .50 Mbps
iPhone 4s sprint
Not that fast at all my be returning

I switched from AT&T to Sprint for iPhone 4S. Most of the time Sprint is very slow. Sometimes it works fine but other times it's too slow to even use. My iPhone on AT&T was WAY faster. They need to fix this in order to keep my business.

I changed to sprint and am getting .1 to .7 Mbps dl and .01 to.05 ul the average dl is .25 dl for Cincinnati area. I left AT&T with 1.5 to 3 mbps dl and regret the move

I just left AT&T yesterday to go with sprints unlimited data...starting to regret it because of the slow data speed. I hope they come out with an update very soon.

when i switch to sprint and got my iphone 4s, it was fast at first then couple days later it was slow. im a big FAN of hte apple company but this is a shocker :/ "NEED TO FIX"

Sprint has always worked fine data has always been fast just that on the iphone 4s its super slow i know a fixx will come soon hopefully sooner than expected i just bought my phone nd i love it its da perfect phone it just needs to speed up

New Evo Shift 4g....... only time I have been on 4G is when I was in the Radio Shack store. I have had it acquiring network address standing in the street aiming it at downtown Spokane, but pooped out each time and was unable to connect. I am on 4 of 5 bars getting average maybe 250-300 on 3G so it is no different if you do not have an I-phone, it is unbelievably slow.
so....$109.000 a month with the hotspot for 250 kbps..... but my OQO is laughing getting at one point 50kbps at 7pm
The Phone rocks on wireless in the main house at 3700kbps
T-mobile gave me a phone but they had no reception at my new place so gave that to my kid........ I should have gotten the ATT, I can see that now.
Luckily I can cancel before the 3 days is up tomorrow.
But that is pitiful.....whats the point of unlimited if it takes 3 minutes to load using the hotspot.

I switched over from AT&T what a mistake the data is slow an cell coverage is bad. I thought I would save money by unlimited data . Was not worth it.

My speeds have been piss-poor on my iPhone 4. Coverage is fine, texts and calls and emails are also fine, but trying to stream anything like Netflix or youtube or even trying to surf the web is just pointless if you are on 3G. I'm wondering why Sprint hasn't publicly acknowledged this issue, because it's definitely a very large, nationwide one.

I have to agree, sprint has Effed their network up. Sitting at my desk at work I used to get 2.5-2.8g down and 1 up on sprint 3g (44122 zipcode). Since I got the iphone on release day, speeds have been piss poor.. usually less then 256k up and .2 down? What gives.. I"m paying a ton of dough ray me for service plus premium on 4 lines, and there is nothing premium about it. I use to average 2gb/month on my Epic and then epic Touch 4g. I"m lucky to hit 256mb / month with iphone.. Sprint should give me a discount for using so much less data.

After having AT&T and an HTC, i needed to change services. I was sick of paying $250.00 oer month for two phones and average service. I used to tether my HTC phone and speed was ok. AT&T decided to change my "unlimited" data plan to 4GB and I usually am around that download for a month. That was the last straw. I switched to Sprint. I used to have it years back before AT&T when it was Nextel before Sprint merged with them.
At any rate, I am disappointed thus far as I just do the switch last week. I am paying for the hotspot feature on the phone and it is all but useless. ICMP's show latency in the 3000-5000range with frequent dropped ping requests and bandwidth is piss-poor...I thought I only used that term. If I can get any svc, it is 100-200 Kbps down. I don’t really care about up as that is pointless. I will call Sprint and see what is up. I was going to wait for the iPhone 5 with LTE but did not want to keep AT&T any longer. I sure hope this gets fixed by Sprint.