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ZEN and TECH 50: Fitness month exercise special!

Georgia and Rene are joined by CrackBerry.com's Kevin Michaluk to talk Fitness Month 2013 and the benefits of exercise. From smartphones to pedometers to social scales, from sports to gyms to sex, we break down the urban myths and help get you moving!


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P90X review: Best bootcamp-style home fitness app for iPhone

"P90X is a popular fitness program that's made a bold leap onto the iPhone with outstanding content, if not polished experience."

P90X -- short for Power 90 Extreme -- is trendy fitness system that aims to get you into better shape in 90 days through a combination of exercise and nutrition, all highly packaged, polished, and available for purchase right on your iPhone.

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Nike+ Fuelband gives iPhone users 24-hour workout and exercise data

Nike has announced the Nike+ Fuelband which gives iPhone users in-depth information on their daily physical activity. With development assistance from the likes of Lance Armstrong, Kevin Durant and Carmelita Jeter, the Nike+ Fuelband is able to keep track of your daily physical goals using a built-in accelerometer.

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ZENandTECH 4: Exercism [giveaway]

<img src="/sites/imore.com/files/styles/400w400h/public/images/stories/2011/05/zenandtech_podcast.png" alt="ZENandTECH 4: Exercism" title=ZENandTECH 4: Exercism" width="400" height="400" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-64304" />

Returning to your regularly scheduled ZENandTECH, Georgia and Rene discuss the benefits of exercise and how it alleviates depression, burns away stress, helps you sleep, improves your concentration, and otherwise works wonders. Plus, some app picks to help you keep track of your progress and build good habits.

Read on for more, including our Nintendo Wii giveaway!

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ZENandTECH 3: Death dealing

We were scheduled to talk about exercise on ZENandTECH this week, but after suffering a death in the family, Georgia discusses the stresses and strains of major loss, and offers some tools and tips for dealing with them, including... video games. Then it's back on topic and we somehow end up on whether or not sex counts as exercise. (Listen to find out!)

Read on for more!

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TiPb Apps 6.3: AllSport for iPhone (CTIA 2010)

Some of us recently realized there's a whole world out there, and perhaps it'd be a good idea to visit it once in a while, and an even better idea to (gulp) exercise in it.

And so, we hug out for a few minutes at CTIA 2010 with the folks from Trimble Outdoors and their AllSport GPS app, which comes in a free, ad-supported version [iTunes Store link] and a full, $4.99 version that adds a few additional features [App Store link]. It's kind of your standard GPS trip app, but it's for athletes and out-of-shape bloggers of any age. Pick your activity, hit the start button, and it tracks your route, time -- hell, altitude, if you're flying -- and logs it all online for posterity and/or sharing on Facebook and the like.

Check out video of it in action after the break.

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Tip o' the Week: Fitness Treasure Trove

You've probably heard the joke - "Hey, I'm in shape. ROUND is a shape." Although we revel in our technology and invent machines to do more so we can do less, there are still opportunities to use technology to help us stay active and fit. Thanks to a heads-up from Kelly Sonora, keep reading for this week's Tip on how your iPhone can help you get or stay in shape!

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