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Federico Viticci

The iPad Pro is a computer for everything β€” mostly

After a year of using iPad Pro, the pros outweigh the cons.

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How the iPad Air 2 became Federico Viticci's main computer

We recently did our iPad Air 2: three months later roundtable, chatting about why and what we liked about Apple's latest tablet. Federico Viticci has done his own three-month iPad Air review for MacStories, aptly titled "Why the iPad Became My Main Computer":

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Using a keyboard with your iPad? Here are the shortcuts you need to know!

While Apple did a great job with the virtual software keyboard for the iPad, for some people nothing replaces the productivity of pounding on a real, physical, hardware keyboard. Luckily, you can connect a variety of Bluetooth keyboards to achieve just that, and when you do, some traditional shortcuts immediately become available to you in Safari, Mail, and Pages. Federico Viticci has compiled a list of them. MacStories:

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The main difference between Nintendo and Apple is self awareness

Apple and Nintendo both share a passion for great products, for fantastic hardware in the support of fantastic software, and both have suffered more than their share of detractors and doomsayers. Recently, many have suggested Nintendo might be better off making games for iPhone and iPad than sticking with their hardware strategy - including people who would spit-take at the idea of Apple licensing out OS X or iOS. Federico Viticci thinks that's because of a disconnect between Apple and Nintendo pundits. MacStories:

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Editorial for iPad gets thoroughly reviewed, found to be awesome

Editorial for iPad by OMZ-Software bills itself as powerful markdown editing and workflow automation, and they're absolutely not joking around when they say that. It's a got a full-on Python interpreter built-in, which means if you can script it, you can pretty much do it. How do I know that? Because Federico Viticci has put it through its paces. If you're familiar with Ticci, Editorial for iPad is pretty much the app he was born and bred to review, and this 10k review is pretty much his PietΓ . Seriously, I have no idea how much espresso had to die for this review to live. From MacStories.net:

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