Using an external keyboard with your iPad? Here are the shortcuts you need to know!

While Apple did a great job with the virtual software keyboard for the iPad, for some people nothing replaces the productivity of pounding on a real, physical, hardware keyboard. Luckily, you can connect a variety of Bluetooth keyboards to achieve just that, and when you do, some traditional shortcuts immediately become available to you in Safari, Mail, and Pages. Federico Viticci has compiled a list of them. MacStories:

Right now, new keyboard shortcuts have only been added to Safari, Mail, and Pages in a very limited fashion. While they are consistent with their OS X counterparts, Apple has only brought a few of the Mac's shortcuts to its iOS 7 apps, leaving other apps like Messages or Reminders without shortcut support. It's likely that, with time, Apple will bring more shortcuts to Safari, Mail, and other stock apps. I couldn't find official documentation on Apple's website and I've tested every possible shortcut with a simple trial and error procedure on my iPad.

If you're used to using them on the Mac, you should be right at home in Safari, Mail, and Pages. Check out the list, try out the commands, let me know how they work for you, and if you find any more, shout!

Source: MacStories