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Ibooks Tips

How to download and read iBooks for iPhone and iPad

With iBooks for iPhone and iPad you can get almost any book at any time, and carry your entire library in the palm of your hand.

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iBooks: The ultimate guide

How do you sample, download, highlight, and customize your ebooks, PDFs, and audiobooks with Apple's iBooks app? We'll show you!

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How to customize iBooks for iPhone and iPad

Don't like the page color? Change it! Font face or text size? Change it! iBooks lets you not only read what you want, but how you want!

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How to manage your books in iBooks for iPhone and iPad

iBooks makes it easy to keep your book collections organized!

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How to review and resend iTunes, iBooks, or App Store gifts on iPhone or iPad

As most folks already know, you can easily gift the gift of apps, books, movies, and more right from your iPhone or iPad. You can just as easily receive them from others as well. Have you ever wanted to take a look back at what items you've gifted to others, or make sure they actually redeemed them? If the answer is yes, all you need is your iPhone or iPad and your Apple ID and we can show you how!

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How to check and update your iTunes, iBooks, and App Store account details on iPhone or iPad

If you purchase apps from the App Store or other kinds of content from iTunes and iBooks, you have an Apple ID. If you ever need to change your address or credit card on file, you'll need to know how to access your account details.

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How to master iBooks for iOS: Top 5 iBooks tips for faster sorting, organizing, reading, and sharing

iBooks not only lets you read PDF files and ebooks right on your iPhone and iPad, but lets you manage and interact with your reading collection in several powerful ways. From saving PDFs right from the internet to searching for text within documents to curating collections, iBooks isn't just a convenient way to read ebooks, but an immensely useful utility for storing, managing, and working with what you want to read now and in the future. Here are our favorite tips for getting the most out of your iBooks experience.

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How to share books and PDFs directly from iBooks for iPhone and IPad

If you find a book you think a friend might like, iBooks gives you an easy way to share a link directly to that book for them to check it out and purchase it if they choose. Alternately, if you use iBooks to save PDFs, you can also email them directly to someone in just a few taps.

Follow along and we'll show you how to do both.

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How to view samples of a book with iBooks for iPhone and iPad

Just like physical copies of books, some books in iBooks can be pricey at times. While you can go to a store and open a physical book and browse through it before committing to a purchase, what about buying online?

As it happens, iBooks will let you download a sample of most books before deciding to buy. Follow along and we'll show you how.

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How to highlight and annotate books with iBooks for iPhone and iPad

iBooks is a great way to keep your books organized all in one, easy to access, place. Whether you have books to read for leisure or store textbooks and other informational material, iBooks natively gives you the ability to notate and highlight content whenever you'd like for reference later.

Here's how:

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