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iPhone sales in India up by 51% YoY

During the Q3 earnings call, Tim Cook talked about the Indian market, stating that iPhone sales in the country have grown 51% from the same period in 2015.

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Amazon Prime finally makes its way to India, 60-day trial available

Amazon has finally launched its Prime service in India. The service offers free (and unlimited) one-day and two-day delivery options across 100 cities in India, with no minimum order amount for delivery.

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Help send iPads to Barefoot College in India

Consider donating to help send iPads to the Barefoot College in India, where women are trained to be solar engineers and are empowered to improve their local communities.

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Apple asked to re-submit application for opening retail stores in India

The Indian government isn't making it easy for Apple to bring its retail stores to the country. After flipping back and forth on the issue of mandatory local sourcing, the government wants Apple to submit a new application for its bid to open single-brand retail stores.

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Indian government paves way for Apple to bring its retail stores to the country

The Indian government has introduced much-needed reforms to its foreign direct investment policy, paving the way for international vendors like Apple to set up retail stores in the country. The new regulations allow foreign brands to take 100% ownership in defence, aviation, and e-commerce sectors.

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Apple may not set up stores in India if government doesn't change stance on local sourcing

According to a new report in ET Tech, Apple will not set up retail stores in the country if the government doesn't grant it permission from the local sourcing norms.

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Indian government formally rejects Apple's bid to sell used iPhones in the country

Apple has been trying for some time now to sell refurbished iPhones in India. Tim Cook made his way to the country last week to make his case for the program, but the government announced today that has summarily rejected the proposal.

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Apple must sell locally-sourced goods to open up shop in India, government says

A new report claims that the Indian government won't be granting Apple an exception to its rules for for opening retail stores in the country, which state that at least 30% of the value in the store's product sales must come from local sources.

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Nokia Networks is in talks with Indian carriers over 5G trials

Indian carriers are making 4G widely available in the country, and it looks like they're starting to trial next-generation 5G services. Nokia Networks is in discussion with telecom vendors over 5G feasibility trials.

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Tim Cook sits down with India's Prime Minister to discuss Apple's future in the country

Apple CEO Tim Cook met today with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the company's future plans in that country, including the possibility of local manufacturing and retail stores.

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