Exclusive photos from inside the new Mumbai Apple Store as Tim Cook makes his first visit

Tim Cook and Dierdre O'Brien at Apple BKC launch
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Tim Cook today inaugurated the Apple BKC store in Mumbai, marking the company's official entry into the retail space in India. Apple has been selling its products in India for years now, but that was previously done via third-party retailers, and more recently Apple's online store. Apple BKC is the company's first official retail store in India. 

Cook was present for the launch himself, welcoming in the first batch of Apple fans that had lined up for the store's opening. Apple BKC opened up for consumers today at 11 am IST, with a huge crowd in attendance. With over a hundred staff members and more than 500 Apple fans, consumers, and media folks attending, Apple sure has made a mark with its India retail entry. We were present at the Apple BKC launch and managed to capture a few moments. Check it out!

Apple BKC opens to much fanfare, over 500 fans present 

Apple BKC is located in Jio World Drive, a large mall located in Bandra, Mumbai. Fans started gathering for the launch early in the morning, with queues formed around the store. There was a crowd of an estimated 500 Apple fans and media persons waiting for the store to open.

Apple BKC launch was a well-planned affair, with a classic Mumbai Dhol band present to add a zing of Mumbai music, leading up to the moment of the launch. The doors opened and Apple CEO Tim Cook walked out along with Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's Senior VP of Retail and People. They greeted the first batch of people entering the store, and retail store workers lined both sides of the entrance to welcome the folks in the queue as they entered to much fanfare and cheering. 

Apple BKC launch Tim Cook

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The store is one of two launching this week in India, with the Delhi Apple Saket Store scheduled to open on 18th April. Apple had its teams on the ground for today's launch, with retail workers dressed in green and several other employees present at the launch, including the design team behind the visual work done for this store. 

The visuals included the Hello Mumbai artwork we've been seeing in Apple's BKC launch wallpaper sets and an Apple logo variation that was printed on the media badges we received. The logo also adorned the tote bag and Apple sticker handed to some of the early entrants of the store.

Apple fans from all over India show up for Apple BKC launch

Apple BKC launch Tim Cook with fan and Macintosh SE

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The fanfare at the Apple BKC launch was pretty great to witness. One fan showed up with an Apple logo haircut, visiting Mumbai solely for the store launch.

Another passionate fan showed up for the launch with his own Apple Macintosh SE FDHD, which he said was his first Apple machine back when he started working as a designer. He managed to meet Cook, who seemed genuinely impressed. Various other fans were sharing their Apple memories, and many seemed to have traveled from afar to attend the launch.

Apple BKC storefront full

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The store itself is impressive, carrying the classic Apple feel. An Apple logo sits above a giant LED wall, and the rest of the space has desks and shelves with Apple products, including all of its best iPhones.

India a key partner for Apple moving forward

Apple BKC entry view

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Apple has been making moves to reduce its dependence on China, and it has found a worthy partner right next door — India. Apple BKC is one among the series of moves Apple is making to prove its commitment to India.

Tim Cook is also said to be meeting up with senior Indian politicians, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The company seems committed to India as its next big manufacturing hub, with manufacturing expansion in the works. The retail store launch is a significant identifier of the same.

Apple maintains a market share in India of around 8%. With manufacturing amping up and retail efforts being reworked now, we're likely to see a gradual increase in Apple's India presence, from an operations standpoint, and with a bigger chunk of the market share as well.

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