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Instacast update bring podcast control to your Apple Watch

Popular podcasting app, Instacast, has been updated today with support for managing playback and browsing unplayed podcasts from your Apple Watch.

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Best podcast apps for iPhone

Apple's built-in Podcasts app covers all the basics. Audio and video, download and streaming, discovery and subscription. It also syncs with iTunes on Mac and Windows. So, if you're just getting into podcasts, it's a great app to get into them with. If and when you're ready for something else — or something more — there are several great options available on the App Store. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so consider them all, try the ones you find interesting, and pick the best iPhone app for you!

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Best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad: Watch and listen on the go!

Look for the best iPhone apps or best iPad apps to keep up with your favorite podcasts? Depending on who you ask, podcasts are either fringe media for geeks, the future of radio and television, or something in between. Apple embraced them years ago, providing an entire section in iTunes dedicated to making podcasts easy to find and easy to follow. They also created the iPod, and then the iPhone, and the iPad, making it just as easy to listen and watch podcasts anywhere and everywhere you go. Whether you're trying to get our podcasts — iMore show, Debug, Iterate, Review, or Vector — or any of the other great internet shows, the most important question is what podcast app should you use?

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Instacast 4.2 adds News Mode to combat podcast overflow

Instacast has hit version 4.2, adding fixes and improvements and a new mode for managing podcast overflow. Turning on News Mode for a podcast marks old episodes as played and deletes any downloaded media once a new episode becomes available.

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Instacast updates to 64-bit, enhances sidebar, and more

Instacast has been update with several additions and improvements, first and foremost support for the 64-bit A7 processor. Instacast's sidebar has also been enhanced, with easy access to the "Unplayed" and "Imported" sections now available at the top of the bar. There is now an option to disable continuous playback in "Up Next", which has been moved to the top of the sidebar as well.

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Instacast 4 brings updated design, goes iOS 7-only

Instacast has been updated to version 4.0, going iOS 7-only with a new look and some new features. First and foremost, Instacast has a new, iOS 7-inspired look.

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Instacast releases free beta for Mac users

Vemedio has made a public beta version of their popular iOS podcast app, Instacast, for the Mac. If you're a Mac user, and an Instacast user, you'll no doubt already be salivating at the thought of perfectly synced podcast bliss.

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Instacast 3.0 for iPhone and iPad now available

Instacast, the very popular podcast app, has been updated (as a new app) with a completely new design and a new robust syncing mechanism. Instacast is also now a universal app for iPhone and iPad so that you can enjoy and follow your favorite podcasts with any iOS device.

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Instacast vs. Downcast vs. Pocket Casts: iPhone podcast app shootout!

Instacast, Downcast, and Pocket Casts all bring podcasts directly to your iPhone and iPod touch, which is one of the best ways to enjoy them when you're in the car, working out, sitting in the office, or simply lounging around the house. While all three allow you to browse and search for podcasts, which one has the best features geared towards the most users?

Let's listen and find out!

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iPhone & iPad Live 293: Hulk pants

Georgia, Rene, and Seth talk iOS 5.1.1, the future of jailbreak, gesture keyboard shortcuts, multi-user support for iPad, Instacast, cloud storage apps, and Jot Pro vs. Wacom Bamboo stylus. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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