Audiopress for iPhone - app review

Audiopress for iPhone is an amazing little app that will let you aggregate all of your podcasts, live radio, and pretty much any news audio into one easy to use app.  It also allows for background audio so you can start playing a podcast within the app, close it out, and continue browsing or doing whatever you'd like while it streams in the background.  Podcasts can quickly start taking up a lot of space on your device if you're bad about deleting them (which I am), so streaming them may be a much better option for those of you who'd like to save space on your device.  Hit the jump for more info and a promo video!

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Just like you can create categories for your RSS feeds, you can create playlists within Audiopress. If you want your tech streams separate, you can create one for that and another for business or whatever other categories that interest you. One feature I particularly liked is when you go to listen to a podcast, it also shows you a list of previous podcasts from that feed.

You can also choose to search categories within Audiopress and find new podcasts and radio streams to listen to. I found a couple that looked interesting to me that I've become a regular listener. Before Audiopress, I'm not sure I would have ever taken the time to dig through iTunes or online radio streams to find more podcasts. So for those of you looking for something to get you more into podcasting or if you need help finding more content to listen to, this may be a good choice for you.

The app also supports Facebook integration, so if you've got a Facebook account, you can skip the sign-up and just link your Facebook account instead.


  • Facebook integration makes signing up easy
  • Search and suggestions have quite a few sources to choose from for an app being so new to the App Store
  • Podcasts show all previous episodes as well, making it easy for catching up on episodes you have have missed
  • Playlists are extremely easy to make and build


  • An iPad version would be welcome
  • AudioArticles not available (yet)

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TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • that is cool. I just bought podcaster, again :\, but this looks pretty promising and it's free, which is awesome.
  • I've started playing with this a bit. But from what I can tell it only streams podcasts. Need something that will download podcasts when I'm on wifi and let me play them rather than chewing up data.
  • It's not available in the UK? That's a shame, it looks a great little app. Any equivalent that is good as?
  • iPod app lets us play podcasts at 2x. Audiometer does not.
  • Darn auto-correction. Audiometer in previous post should be Audiopress.
  • Perfect for me - I'm still sporting my 8gb 3G, and space is at a premium. A good interface for streaming podcasts (iPhone Liiiiive!) helps save space on my crowded phone and means I don't have to sync as much. Creating playlists from my current iTunes subscriptions was a snap! Great app.
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