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Iphone 4s Launch

iPhone 4S landing on five U.S. regional carriers today

Five regional U.S. carriers are launching the iPhone 4S today, including nTelos out of Waynesboro, Virginia, Appalachian Wireless covering east Kentucky, Alaska Communications and GCL up north, and Cellcom, handling northeastern Wisconsin.

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iPhone 4S to hit China, 21 additional countries on January 13

Apple has now confirmed that January 13 is the official date the iPhone 4S will go on sale on in China, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Botswana, British Virgin Islands, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Grenada, Guam, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Niger, Senegal, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and Uganda.

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Standing in line for iPhone 4S?

This is it TiPb Nation, the Apple equivalent of the Superbowl and your birthday all rolled into one -- new iPhone launch day! All around the world, the community is gathering at their local Apple Retail, carrier, and big box stores to line up for the iPhone 4S. It's not just about the phone, it's about the experience -- it's about being there with everyone else, talking, joking, and this year -- remembering Steve.

Whether you're showing up in black shirt and jeans, or showing up just to be there, we want to know where you are, how many people are with you, and when you get your new iPhone.

Send us your thoughts, your experiences, and your pictures. Especially your pictures. You can post them on the iPhone 4S Forum along with with rest of the TiPb nation, or tweet them to us @TiPb. If you want to hang:

  • Rene will be at Fairview in Montreal.
  • Ally will be at University Park Mall in Southbend, Indiana.
  • Leanna will be stopping by Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, Co.

Let us know where you'll be and how it's going!

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iPhone 4S early reviews

Early reviews of the iPhone 4S have begun to hit the web and as always there's as diverse a set of opinions as any good cadre of tech writers can manage. Who're we kidding, it's the new iPhone. They've had at it.

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German customers already receiving iPhone 4S orders

Looks like some over-eager German couriers suffering from premature delivery-fication have gotten iPhone 4S orders out way ahead of Apple's official Friday drop date. Not that the customers seem to mind. Indeed, they're taking to the internet to share an advanced look at their hot new devices.

Apple, no doubt, is likely firmly reminding their courier partners to think about baseball, or taxes, or anything that will get them to keep it in their trucks until Friday.

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TiPb Asks: What's the status of your iPhone 4S pre-order?

Were you one of the million people who pre-ordered an iPhone 4S last week? If so, who did you pre-order from, Apple or a carrier or a big box store, and what's the status of your order now? Is it preparing to ship yet? Has it shipped? Do you have an expected delivery date yet?

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2011 iPhone buyers guide

Trying to figure out if the iPhone is for you? Should you get it now or wait for the next generation to decide? Should you go with the flagship iPhone 4S or maybe a cheaper iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS? Should you go with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint? Is 16GB enough or do you need 32GB or even 64GB? Is white the best looking color or black a better bet? And what can you do with your old phone once you've taken the plunge?

Enter TiPb's 2011 iPhone Buyer's Guide. If you need help deciding, we've got your back. And hey, if you already know what you want, just copy this link and mail, tweet, or Facebook it to your family or friends -- we'll help them out so you won't have to!

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Apple sells out of iPhone 4S pre-orders in less than 24 hours

iPhone 4S pre-orders went live less than 24 hrs ago in the US and Apple's online store is already showing it as sold out, with delivery times now estimated at 1-2 weeks.

To those who haven't ordered yet, you can still try to grab one when they go on sale at Apple Retail and other brick-and-mortar stores on Friday, October 14 at 8am local time. To pundits who thought iPhone 4S was a major misstep, you're probably too late to backpedal.

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AT&T sells 200,000 iPhone 4S' in 12 hours

Reuters is reporting that AT&T sold 200,000 iPhone 4S' in the first 12 hours of it being available on pre-order. They said it was in "extraordinary demand".

In the next paragraph they report fans were "underwhelmed" by it. Obviously not enough to hurt sales.

No word yet on Verizon or Sprint, or Apple's own numbers.

Source: Reuters

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TiPb Asks: Are you pre-ordering an iPhone 4S and if so, which one?

In a few hours, at 12:01am PDT / 3:01am EDT, iPhone 4S pre-orders will begin. So... are you pre-ordering? Or if you're reading this later, did you pre-order? If so, let us know what you're getting (or what you got!) Black or white? 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB? GSM/AT&T or Verizon or Sprint CDMA?

Any problems with the ordering process? Did you get a confirmation? What's the shipping date? So. Many. Questions!

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