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Ipod Touch G4

iLuv case with camera cutout in the center?

Reader Gerald spotted an iLuv case with camera cutout in the center in a local Marshall's clothing store:

[The case] was labeled as an iPod Touch 2nd Generation hard shell case made by a company called iLuv. The reason i liked this case so much was because it had a spot for a rear camera, and the dummy cardboard example of the iPod clearly showed what the camera looked like. I snapped a pic as proof.

Now what could that have been doing there?

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Apple testing iOS 4.1 on iPod touch 4, iPad 2, and mystery device?

AppleInsider, quoting "people familiar with the matter" says iOS 4.1 is currently being tested by Apple not only on iPhone 4 (currently available to developers) but the upcoming iPod touch 4 refresh, iPad 2, and an unknown mystery device.

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iPod touch 4 with dual cameras, retina display, coming in a few weeks?

Yes, it's really come to the point where a casual reference on Daring Fireball to the next generation iPod touch 4 -- with rear and front FaceTime cameras and Retina Display screen coming in a few weeks -- gets plastered all over the internet.

if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.

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Apple to host iPod and iOS 4 event in a couple weeks?

Apple generally holds an iPod event where they announce the new iPod family every September. However, the rumors are pointing towards a mid-August event this year instead.

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iPod touch 4 parts hint at front FaceTime camera?

We just saw a case that hinted at a new rear camera on iPod touch 4, now images from a parts supplier show what looks like a front, FaceTime camera hole.

this part is clearly marked as an Apple part "Apple (c) 2010". This stamp is visible in the full resolution image. The part is also stamped with April 29, 2010, indicating that the build date is relatively recent.

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iPod touch 4 case leaks show camera, flash?

As spring turns to summer and fall, iPad and iPhone leaks turn to iPod touch -- witness the images above which claim to reveal iPod touch 4 complete with camera and flash.

HardMac claims the image came from a case manufacturer, the same who leaked the iPod mini (nano) camera last year, and that Apple typically provides advance size and shape information to these manufacturers. (Though clearly not for iPhone 4).

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Crazy next-gen iPod, iPad, and iPhone rumors

Could Apple be getting ready to release a 7" iPad nano and re-designed iPhone 5 as early as January? Could the iPod shuffle or nano with a 1.7" screen be around the corner in September? Are bumpers going all-silicone?

Our gut says crazy talk, but iLounge has a pretty good track record on leaks so take these for what they're worth, even if it's with an ocean-sized grain of salt.

Here are some details:

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Is this how FaceTime will work on next gen iPod touch G4, iPad G2?

Boy Genius and 9to5Mac have been digging deep into how FaceTime might work on iOS devices that don't have phone numbers attached to them -- namely the next generation iPod touch G4 and iPad G2. Since iPhone 4 uses phone numbers as "accounts" to route FaceTime connections, the alternative for iPod touch and iPad seems to be Apple ID and the associated email address.

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Speaking of iPod touch G4 part leaks: Front facing camera?

No sooner does speculation start about the iPod touch G4 than parts are spotted sporting a suspiciously front-facing camera-like hole.

Been wanting in on the FaceTime action but haven't pulled the trigger on an iPhone 4? September/October may bring you your second iOS option.


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