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Lightning aside, that 30-pin dock connector ain't going nowhere

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini, they also introduced the Lightning connector, a new interface to replace the 30-pin dock connector that had been standard equipment on all iOS devices up to then. While the Lightning connector is the heir ascendant, is it time to say goodbye to the old 30-pin Dock Connector?

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Are the stars aligning towards the retirement of the faithful iPod classic?

The iPod classic; loved the world over by folks who have the overwhelming desire to keep their whole music collection in their pockets. But how long is it for this world? iMore community member sdreelin asked himself the same question, to the point where he ended up buying another while he still can:

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Lightning to Digital AV adapter could be pushing lower res H.264 because it's not yet capable of streaming raw HDMI

Earlier today we linked to a post by Cabel Sasser on the Panic Blog about Apple's Lightning Digital AV connector, which is basically their HDMI adapter. Sasser had discovered that the adapter provided a less-than-1080p signal, broke it open, and found a tiny computer contained inside. Lots of speculation followed as to why that was, and what might be going on. A comment left on the Panic Blog by "Anonymous Coward", however, implies internal Apple knowledge of the matter, and purports to have the answer. In part, the comment says:

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Apple's Lightning to HDMI adapter opened up, discovered to contain a tiny AirPlay-esque computer

The fine folks at Panic were experimenting with video out from iOS -- never we mind why -- and came across an interesting discovery: Apple's Lightning Digital AV adapter, aka HDMI adapter, doesn't seem to pass along a 1080p signal in the traditional manner. Instead, it looks like it's passing along upscaled AirPlay video. Intrigued as to how, Cabel Sasser gutted the adapter like a Tauntaun on a cold night to find out, and shared what he discovered on the Panic Blog:

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Pulling back the curtain on Apple's Lightning connector licensing program

iPhone accessory maker mophie has revealed some details on the restrictions of Apple’s Lightning accessory program. Apple has made it more difficult for third-party manufacturers to produce Lightning accessories outside of Apple’s program.

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Counterfeit Lightning cables and adaptors on route from China seized in Anchorage

The U.S. Customs and Border protection (CBP) carried out a routine inspection in Anchorage earlier this week and uncovered a massive haul of counterfeit Apple accessories. The collection of accessories included mostly Apple’s new Lightning USB cables and adapters. The counterfeit products had been flown in from China and were due to distributed around the United States.

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Kickstarter-backed portable charger gets shut down due to Lightning connector restrictions

Edison Junior, a technology and design lab, has been forced to shut down their POP portable charging station campaign on Kickstarter after failing to get a license from Apple to use the new Lightning connector. The Edison Junior was designed to charge multiple devices on the go, with retractable cables so that users wouldn’t have to worry about bringing their own cables along with them. Apple refused to grant permission for Edison Junior to use a Lightning connector, in part because the POP also contained a micro-USB cable, for charging Android and other non-Apple devices.

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Bose launches a new SoundDock system for devices with Lightning connectors

Bose has started to offer a new version of its hugely popular SoundDock music system specifically for devices that use the Lightning dock connector. The SoundDock Series III digital music system, to give it its full title is a premium sound system and a welcome addition as devices with Lightning dock connectors are very thin on the ground at the moment.

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Lightning to 30-pin Adapters hands-on

While Apple managed to ship the iPhone 5 to dozens of countries within the span of a couple weeks, it's taken almost a month to get the 30-pin Dock to Lightning connector adapters shipped and into stores. So, now that they're here, how are they?

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The Lightning Dock for iPhone 5 looks to fill the void left by Apple

One of the big disappointments for many when the iPhone 5 was released was the news that Apple would not be making a dock for their latest creation. It has been a big concern to many who like to have their iPhone 5 standing upright by the side of their bed or on their desk with easy viewing distance. Thankfully we now have an option to get a dock for the iPhone 5 and its called the Lightning Dock.

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