Hyper USB-C to Lightning cablesSource: Hypershop

What you need to know

  • Hyper has three new MFi USB-C to Lightning cables for you to choose from.
  • The cables are designed to for durability and able to live up to life's tests.
  • Cables include a lanyard, a keychain, and a super tough cable deisgned for the rough and tumble.

Hyper already has plenty of accessories for you to choose from but it has three new products that are designed to make sure you always have a cable handy when it's needed.

All of the cables are MFi compliant so you know that they'll work with your devices without causing any problems. And to top it off they're all built using bulletproof nylon. These things aren't likely to fall apart any time soon.

Hyper is understandabily keen to spread the word about its new wares and did so in a blog post (via 9to5Mac) earlier today.

HYPER is proud to announce THREE new products under a new HyperDrive USB-C to Lightning Cable series: KEYCHAIN (20cm/8"), LANYARD (1m/3.3') and TOUGH (2m/6.6'). These three USB-C to Lightning Cables allow you to simultaneously charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. And they're tough too; each cable is wrapped in bulletproof ballistic nylon weave with aluminum encased USB-C and Apple MFi-certified Lightning connectors.

There are three different cables to choose from, including a lanyard priced at $28.

LANYARD is the perfect accessory for office and business wear. Wear your company or event ID badge in style and always know that you have a USB-C to Lightning charge and sync cable handy whenever you need it. The same tough yet hyper-flexible bulletproof nylon fabric weave cable feels light and comfortable on the neck like a regular lanyard while the attached, stylish clasp allows you to clip to a tag or key.

Next up is a toughened cable that is apparently able to withstand a huge amount of tension. It costs $30 and is the most costly of the new cables.

TOUGH 2m is a cable that will last forever and comes at a length that gives you greater space and flexibility in charging and syncing your iDevice at a comfortable distance away from the wall outlet or computer. Use your iDevice wherever you desire, knowing that the Tough Cable, which can withstand 70kg of tension, can take on any form of abuse from pets or children.

Finally we have the keychain cable. It's probably the one that most people will choose, epecially if carrying keys around is something they do on the daily. It's also the least costly, weighing in at $25.

KEYCHAIN is the charge and sync cable that is always with you. Pair with a set of keys or clip it to your bag and never worry about forgetting your charging cable again. Just unscrew the aluminum enclosure to reveal the USB-C and Lightning connectors. The perfect length to connect your iPhone to a battery pack without having tangled cables.

All three cables can be bought from the official Hyper store now. More of Hyper's products are available via Amazon, too.

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