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Micro Dock

New, miniature Dock connector adapters rumored to be Apple-only, $10 a pop

Way back in February iMore learned Apple was planning to ditch the traditional 30-pin Dock connector for a smaller, more modern Dock connector, and roll it out across their iOS product line this fall. For those with older accessories, we learned Apple would be supplying an adapter that would keep many of them compatible.

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New, miniature iPhone and iPad Dock connector cable possibly caught on camera

Veister, a company specializing in USB cables, has posted a photo to their Twitter account of what could be the sync cable for the next generation of iOS devices and revised versions of current products that will work in conjunction with the much expected micro dock connector.

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iPhone 5 preview: New, smaller Dock connector

Way back in February, iMore learned Apple was planning to ditch the traditional Dock connector to go with something smaller. With the next iPhone, new technologies like LTE 4G networking will need every millimeter and milliamp of battery they can get, while AirPlay and Wi-Fi sync are reducing the need for physical cables.

The moment rumors of a new Dock port emerged, many expressed hope it would feature a MagSafe-style connector, like Apple's MacBook line of laptops. Symmetrical, it could be plugged in without worrying about up or down, and magnetically coupled for better ease of use. Others simply wanted to make sure all their old Dock accessories would still be compatible and still work.

Compatibility is an easier topic to look into, if only slightly...

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iOS 6 could point to new, smaller Dock connector sporting 9-pins

Back in February, iMore reported that Apple would be switching away from the traditional 30-pin Dock connector currently found in all iPhones, iPods, and iPads, to a new, miniaturized Dock connector, both to save space inside new, battery-needy devices, and in recognition of wireless technologies like AirPlay and Wi-Fi sync replacing some of the old Dock requirements. Now 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman has gone digging inside iOS 6 beta 4 and found reference to a 9-pin connector.

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Apple to roll new Dock connector out across entire iOS product lineup this fall

iMore has learned that Apple intends to update their entire lineup of iOS device products to support the new, miniaturized Dock connector, and to do it as early the rumored September 12 special event this fall. This would include the new iPhone 5, the the new iPod nano and iPod touch, the rumored 7-inch iPad mini, and an updated version of the current 9.7-inch iPad.

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Bluetooth 4.0 device pairing rumored for iOS 6, 8-pins for new Dock connector

Apple is rumored to be working on a way to pass data between iOS devices over BlueTooth 4.0, allowing everything from notifications to communications to be seamlessly transferred from iPhone to iPad, or theoretically even an iPod nano watch... This type of connectivity has been dreamed of/speculated about for over a year, but now iLounge's Jeremy Horowitz says it could be planned for as early as iOS 6 this fall.

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Apple will provide an adapter for the new, smaller Dock connector set to debut with the iPhone 5

While this seems like this should go without saying, because of all the questions we've been getting, and posts we've been seeing, iMore reached out to the original sources that gave us the new Dock connector story way back in February just to make doubly sure -- and yes, there will be an adapter for the iPhone 5's smaller Dock connector that will let it work with many of the accessories designed for the old 30-pin Dock connector.

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Editor's Desk: WWDC videos, Windows Phone 8 updategate, Google IO, features, and more!

It's a public holiday in Montreal and the rest of Quebec -- St. John the Baptiste day or National Day, which is basically a provincial version of Canada Day or Independence Day. As with any summer holiday, I care only so much as it means barbecue and beverages, and I have an excuse to keep tonight's column brief. Ish.

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Yet more iPhone 5 micro dock connector rumors

A few months ago, we floated out a rumor that the iPhone 5 would have a smaller dock connector, which was in turn backed up by leaked parts, and now three more anonymous sources in the manufacturing field are agreeing that we'll see a 19-pin port on the next iOS smartphone.

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iPhone 5 design still not finalized, still no big screen, still no metal back, still on track for October release

Despite some rumors to the contrary, according to our sources Apple still hasn't finalized the design of the next generation iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling iPhone 5,1). No giant screen. No 16:9 aspect ratio. No metal back.

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