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Microsoft's Tossup app can help friends vote on where to meet up

Microsoft has just launched a new app called Tossup that is supposed to help a group of friend decide where they should meet up. The app has been launched via the Microsoft Garage division.

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Microsoft updates its Sway multimedia presentation app to support the iPad

Microsoft has now released an updated version of its Sway multimedia presentation app for the iPhone to include support for the iPad as well as other new features and improvements.

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Office 2016 for Mac Preview gets updated with some improvements and bug fixes

Microsoft has released an update to the Office 2016 for Mac Preview. However, this download appears to be a minor update, with bug fixes and unnamed improvements along with a couple of minor editions

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Microsoft's Channel 9 developer site is now in a convenient iPhone and iPad app

Microsoft has launched its latest app for the iPhone and iPad. This app is a bit different as it allows anyone to quickly access the tutorials and video content on Microsoft's Channel 9 developer service

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Microsoft confirms it has acquired 6Wunderkinder and its Wunderlist app

Microsoft has confirmed previous reports that it has indeed acquired the German-based company 6Wunderkinder and its popular mobile "to-do list" app Wunderlist. Specific financial terms were not disclosed.

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Cortana is coming to the iPhone, but it won't have all of its Windows Phone features

Microsoft will bring its Cortana digital assistant to the iPhone later this summer as a companion app for Windows 10, but it won't have all of the functions that it currently has on Windows Phone devices.

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Age of Empires: Castle Siege gets a soft launch for the iPhone and iPad in Canada

Microsoft is preparing to release an iPhone and iPad version of its Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 strategy game Age of Empires: Castle Siege. It is currently allowing Canadians to download and play the game.

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Microsoft may have offered to buy part of Nokia's HERE maps division

Microsoft may have an offer on the table to purchase a minority stake in Nokia's HERE maps division, according to a new report. It also says there may be more interested buyers for the unit as well

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Comic: The Mystery of Windows X

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: The Mystery of Windows X

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Switch to iPhone: For a better Microsoft experience

If you want or need to use Microsoft Office and services, you'll want to use them on iPhone.

We've already covered how iPhone and iOS provide not only a great Apple app experience, but a great Google and Microsoft app experience as well. Because of the iPhone's popularity and uniformity of platform, it's not only easy to develop for iOS, it's hard not to. That may be why a lot of people who prefer Google or Microsoft services also prefer switching to iPhone to use them on Apple's hardware. It's not just Apple enthusiasts who say so either.

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