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Mobile Payments

CurrentC retail exclusivity against Apple Pay to last "months, not years"

In a recent interview, CEO of the Merchant Customer Exchange consortium Dekkers Davidson denied that they had ordered CVS to block Apple Pay, and the exclusivity clause in their agreements with retailers would expire in "months, not years".

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Facebook Messenger reportedly ready to let you send money to friends

The Facebook Messenger app is apparently set up to allow friends to send each other money, should Facebook choose to flip the switch. The payment capabilities were found by Stanford computer science student Andrew Aude as we was looking through the code of the iOS app. It appears that users can add debit cards to the app, sending money to each other in a conversation just as they would send a picture.

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iPhone 6 may allow you to pay for your medications at Walgreens, CVS

The rumored iPhone 6 mobile payment wallet may allow users to pay for medicine and other items at drugstores Walgreens and CVS. Speculations that the two of nation's largest drugstore chains may support Apple's digital wallet comes after chatter that retailer Nordstrom may also accept your iPhone 6's built-in digital wallet for payments for goods at its physical stores.

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ISIS mobile payments service rebrands itself as Softcard

NFC payment service ISIS has unveiled their rebranding, Softcard. The joint payment venture bewteen Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile US announced earlier this year that they would change their name in order to avoid being associated with violence in the Middle East being perpetrated by a group that, at the time, went by ISIS.

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Visa, Mastercard may join American Express on your iPhone Wallet this fall

Come this fall when Apple has its September 9th event, a digital wallet may be coming to the iPhone to help grow the mobile payment business. We've heard that American Express may be a major partner to the initiative, and now we are also hearing that Visa and Mastercard may also be joining forces with Apple in a rumored NFC-based payments announcement.

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Apple reportedly signs deal with American Express for mobile payment system

It appears that Apple may have found at least one new partner for their rumored payment system, reportedly coming with their next iPhone. American Express has reportedly signed on for Apple's mobile payments, one of several such agreements that Apple will need to make with credit card companies if they want their system to be a success.

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Apple once again reported to be including NFC, mobile payments in iPhone 6

Apple is once again rumored to be including NFC in its next iPhone, this time with a payment system in tow. Reports of a payment system in the iPhone 6 emerged late last month. The system will reportedly be a central focus of the iPhone 6 reveal, expected September 9.

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Apple mobile payments rumored, could let you ditch your wallet for an iPhone

Apple is rumored to be in talks of launching a mobile wallet initiative, and it could happen as early as this fall alongside the much anticipated iPhone 6. Apple's efforts would allow iPhone owners to pay for goods in physical retail stores by using just their phones, an effort that could lead to people carrying just their iPhone rather than having to carry an iPhone and a wallet.

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Apple said to be building an electronic payment business, interviewing experienced candidates now

Apple has long been rumored to be exploring building their own payments system, and according to a recent report they're looking to bring on senior executives from the payments industry to make it happen. With hundreds of millions of credit cards on file for iTunes, Apple already has a massive built-in base of potential users. According to Re/code, Apple's e-commerce head Jennifer Baily has been meeting with potential candidates.

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Burger King will let you use your iPhone to pay for your Whopper

Burger King will soon let customers pay through their iPhones in all of their U.S. locations. The program will begin in April, and roll out to all 7,000 U.S. stores in the next few months. In addition to paying for meals, Burger King will also present mobile users with deals for things like drinks or free fries.

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