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Steve Jobs awarded 141 new patents since his death

After the late Apple co-founder's death several years ago, Steve Jobs didn't just leave a lasting legacy behind, but he continues to build this legacy posthumously. Since his passing, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Jobs an additional 141 patents, taking the total number to 458. Essentially, Jobs has collected a third of his patents after his passing.

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Apple and Google supposedly join forces to buy out Kodak patents

Apple and Google have reportedly joined forces to bid for Kodak’s imaging patents. The joint bid is thought to be in the region of $5oo million and both companies hope it will be enough for them to get the patents out of bankruptcy. The news comes from Bloomberg who has been talking with people who have knowledge of the situation.

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Samsung and Apple reportedly fail to settle on patent dispute

Word has it that Samsung and Apple's mediated settlement talks were not fruitful, and that their patent dispute will be ongoing. This outcome probably seems a little obvious after Apple filed to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being imported to the U.S. the day the negotiations kicked off.

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Samsung talks smack about "slavish adoration" to Apple in court

In its patent case against Apple, Samsung had recently asked that some of Apple's experts be dismissed from testifying, and now they're asking that one more be banned.

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Apple files to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in U.S.

Late last week Apple filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung's flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The move comes shortly after an appeal which partially confirmed that Apple's design patent infringement complaint was valid. This might put just a slight damper on the settlement talks Apple and Samsung had scheduled for today. Apple proposed to give Samsung until May 25 (this Friday) to respond.

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Court asks Apple and HTC to negotiate patent dispute settlement

Delaware courts have have called for delegates from HTC and Apple to meet on August 28 to talk about settling the patent dispute that has blocked the U.S. import of some HTC handsets.

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Apple wants to bar Steve Jobs biography as evidence in Samsung court case

Samsung and Apple have made some pretty interesting evidence requests in recent joint court filings. Apple is specifically asking that Walter Isaacson's official biography of Steve Jobs isn't admitted as any kind of evidence, likely considering it illustrates Jobs' unbridled ire for Android, and that it would color Apple's complaints as founded on emotion rather than technology

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Apple allowed to draw sword, take fight to Lodsys patent troll

Apple has been granted permission to step in against Lodsys, a holding company which was intent on suing iOS developers for infringing on in-app purchasing patent .

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Apple gave Samsung plenty of notice before "going thermonuclear" with patent lawsuits

As the patent battle between Samsung and Apple continues to drag on, Apple claims that they had tried to settle out of court between July and September 2010,  before this whole hooplah started.

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Apple claims Motorola used FRAND patents to try an extort cross-licensing deal

According to some EU court documents, Motorola and Apple had talked about hashing out a licensing deal in late 2011. Given their rough and ongoing patent battles, it's no surprise to hear Apple claim in the documents that their "refusal to accede to this demand led Motorola Mobility to sue Apple in an attempt to exclude Apple’s products from the market.”

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