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patent litigation

U.S. jury clears Apple of alleged patent infringement charges in $100 million lawsuit

Apple was cleared of all charges in a $100 million lawsuit from a Canadian firm that alleged that the manufacturer used five of its wireless technology patents without permission.

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Apple hit with second lawsuit over DRM-related patents

Though it won a patent suit against Apple to the tune of $533 million just yesterday, Smartflash LLC is suing the company yet again. The suit involves the very same patents involved in the previous trial, but as applied to devices introduced after the original case started. Additionally, the case alleges that Apple has infringed on four other patents not included in the previous trial.

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Apple ordered to pay $533 million for infringing on gaming-related patents

A federal jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay $533 million in damages after it found that the company's digital media distribution services – including the iTunes Store – infringed on three patents owned by Smartflash LLC. The patents in question were allegedly used without permission in third-party games that were available from iTunes.

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UK Courts still not happy with Apple's statement, orders them to pay Samsung's legal fees

Apple's last court-ordered apology to Samsung still wasn't enough to appease the UK courts, so they've now been ordered to pay Samsung's legal fees from parking tickets to Porsches for all the lawyers. Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune has the details.

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