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Apple reportedly asked for $5 - $15 per device to settle Android patent dispute

Rumor has it that Apple had offered a settlement with an unnamed smartphone manufacturer to license patents for $5 - $15 per device (which worked out to 1% - 2.5% of the total device price). Apple is making ground in its ongoing patent battle with Motorola, but apparently head-to-head litigation isn't the only route they're willing to take.

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Apple wins right to Android development information in Motorola patent case

Motorola and Apple are still duking it out in courts over a wide variety patents, but recently Apple made a significant step towards victory. A U.S. judge in Chicago ruled that information about Google's acquisition of Motorola is a key part of Apple's claims against Motorola. The ruling also means that Apple we get some key information about the development of Android, and potentially find other cases of infringement there.

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Apple refutes iPad trademark attack in China, claims Proview not honoring their agreement

Apple has addressed concerns over the iPad trademark case brought by Proview that has recently had online retailers in China removing iPad's from their inventory. In a statement issued to China Daily, Apple asserts that Proview is simply not honoring the agreement in place.

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Proview Technology sues Apple over iPad name, iPad sales in China

Although we were under the impression that Apple had locked down the trademark rights to the iPad name long ago, but apparently the folks at Proview Technology in Shenzhen have a prior claim that they're clinging to.

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Apple strikes second win against Samsung 3G lawsuit

Apple has successfully defended the second UMTS (3G) lawsuits from Samsung in Germany today, though the battle's far from over.

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Apple defends against 3G Samsung patent claim in Germany, fires back with slide-to-unlock lawsuit

Samsung was hoping to nail Apple for infringement on a handful of 3G patents in Germany, but a judge has already tossed one of them out the window.

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Apple sues Samsung over iPhone and iPad case infringements

According to BusinessWeek, Apple has apparently issued a notice of complaint against Samsung for patent infrignements tied to the cases Samsung uses on their tablet and smartphone devices.

Apple issued the notice of infringement to Samsung in Australia over the cases, and will file a statement of claim, Apple’s lawyer Stephen Burley said at a hearing in Sydney today. Samsung’s lawyer Katrina Howard said at the same hearing the company was served with the notice that the cases infringe at least 10 patents.

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Samsung moves to block iPhone 4S sales in France and Italy

Just a day after Apple announced the iPhone 4S, Samsung has filed two separate motions for preliminary injunctions to block sales of the iPhone 4S in Paris, France and Milan, Italy.

Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and free ride on our technology. We believe it is now necessary to take legal action to protect our innovation.

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Apple's request for trademark on multi-touch denied

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has formally denied Apple's application for a trademark on multi-touch. The USPTO denied Apple's original request but Apple decided to appeal the decision. The decision was upheld and Apple was denied again. They originally applied for the trademark in January of 2007.

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Samsung concession store using Apple’s icons on its display wall

Samsung, who is currently embroiled in a patent war with Apple, looks to have scored a particular nasty own goal -- using icons which clearly belong to Apple in its advertising. The wall in the picture was taken in a concession store in Italy’s Centro Sicilia.

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