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Apple pays Proview $60 million for iPad trademark in China

Apple has agreed to pay $60 million dollars to Proview Technology, the Chinese company with which they've had a longstanding dispute over the iPad trademark, recently litigate before the Guangdong High People's Court court.

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Proview lowered asking price of iPad trademark from $2 billion to $63 million after Apple offered $16 million

Apple and Proview are apparently in talks to settle the case of who has rights to the iPad trademark in China, and rumor has it Apple's initial offer was $16 million. This is after Proview's initial ask of a whooping $2 billion in February, which they've since lowered to $63 million according to anonymous sources.

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iPad trademark battle in China blocked from getting into California

Apple and Proview are duking it out in China over the iPad trademark, but stateside, a California judge recently tossed out the case.

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Apple progressing with iPad trademark negotiations in China

Proview lawyers recently said that Apple has had a change of heart and are discussing settlements with the LED manufacturer over the use of the iPad name in China.

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Apple goes to court in China to defend its right to the iPad name, prevent a ban on sales

Apple had to attend a court in China last night as it became embroiled in a battle over the rights to the iPad name in China.  Proview, a company which has already filed for bankruptcy claims that Apple does not own the trademark for the iPad in China. Proview has already caused disruption to the sale of the iPad in China and is looking to gain a complete ban.

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iPads to be pulled off store shelves due to trademark infringement, says Chinese court

One of the Intermediate People's Courts in China's Guangdong province has decided that local distributors need to stop selling iPads because Proview had a previous claim to the name. Of course, the case still has to go to Shanghai, where Apple will make a concerted resistance.

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Apple refutes iPad trademark attack in China, claims Proview not honoring their agreement

Apple has addressed concerns over the iPad trademark case brought by Proview that has recently had online retailers in China removing iPad's from their inventory. In a statement issued to China Daily, Apple asserts that Proview is simply not honoring the agreement in place.

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Proview Technology sues Apple over iPad name, iPad sales in China

Although we were under the impression that Apple had locked down the trademark rights to the iPad name long ago, but apparently the folks at Proview Technology in Shenzhen have a prior claim that they're clinging to.

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