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MobileMe Scam Alert: Round 3

September was the last time we saw some malicious attacks on MobileMe subscribers. Well the scammers are at it again, trying to take advantage of Apple's MobileMe subscribers. A Gizmodo reader claims to have gotten the email shown above.

If you then click the fake "Login" button you will be directed to a website the scammers have set up -- to look like Apple's web site -- asking for your credit card information. It is safe to say, delete this email if you happen to find it in your inbox.

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MobileMe Phishing Scam Round 3

Well it seems like these scam artists will just not go away! Here at TiPb we like to keep you, our loyal readers, safe by alerting you of every scam out there. A while back we reported two other phishing scams aimed at MobileMe customers, and told you Apple was even posting warnings about them.

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MobileMe Phishing Scam Round 2

Not long ago we brought to your attention a phishing scam that was going around to some MobileMe customers, we then reported that Apple addressed the scam in their MobileMe blog. Well Apple Insider is now reporting that round 2 is just begining.

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Apple's MobileMe Blog Addresses Phishing Scams

Remember that phishing scam that targeted MobileMe users a while back? The one that may have nabbed hundreds of account holders' information? Well Apple must, because the latest in their series of MobileMe Updates addresses the issue head on:

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MobileMe Phishing Attack Nets Hundreds Of Victims

Remember that warning we posted on Tuesday about a MobileMe phishing attack in the wild? Turns out it's been terrifyingly effective so far. Ars Technica quotes CardCops president Dan Celements:

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WARNING: MobileMe Phishing Scam in the Wild

Phishing attacks, where a bad guy tries to fool you into giving them personal information such as financial account logins, are nothing new on the 'net. Fake emails leading you to a fake bank site to enter your information so that they (increasingly organized crime, often in Russia or China) can log into your real site and transfer out all your money, then steal your identity and sell it off to second and third tier hackers for other nefarious uses.

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WARNING: Don't Fall for Fake Apps!

Proving once again that nothing enables crooks more than the internet, Gizmodo is warning iPhone app-seekers to steer clear of scams:

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