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Steam's Christmas Day debacle exposed the details of 34,000 users

Valve stated today that about 34,000 of its Steam user accounts may have had personal data such as their email and billing addresses exposed as part of a web caching error that occurred on the PC game download service on Christmas Day. Valve says "no unauthorized actions were allowed" on those accounts.

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Steam game purchases can now be refunded within 14 days

Valve is now allowing people who purchase games and software applications on Steam to get a full refund within 14 days of their purchase and if they have played the game or used the software for less than two hours after buying it.

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Steam app for iOS updated with new look and feel, offline chat, more

Valve Corp. has released a new version of their Steam app for iOS. Steam is Valve's popular game download and matching service for Mac, Windows and Linux; there's a large online community of players on Steam, and using the Steam app for iOS, you can stay in touch with other users away from your computer. The app also provides you with gaming news and info on Steam's game sales.

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Valve shows Steam Controller in action

Valve is making a play for the home console market with its planned introduction of Steam Machines, dedicated hardware devices that you hook up to your TV to play games downloaded through Valve's popular Steam service. The company is offering an innovative game controller for the system that it's showing off for the first time in a new video.

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Steam Dev Days give game makers a chance to talk with Valve - off the record

Often times developer gatherings give the company behind the event a springboard to publicly announced their plans for the future. Take Apple's WWDC or Google I/O as an example. Valve is taking the exact opposite strategy with Steam Dev Days, a planned two-day game developer's conference that the company says is "off the record." The event takes place on January 15-16, 2014 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

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Apple supposedly met with Valve to talk about motion, voice and touch-capable TV [Updated]

Last week Tim Cook visited Valve, one of the biggest influencers in PC gaming, to talk about a work-in-progress TV set Apple is working on, according to anonymous sources.

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Valve’s Steam Mobile hits the App Store, connect with your Steam Friends on the go

Valve has released Steam Mobile for iPhone, iPod touch into the App Store. Sort of. It is available to download and install on your iOS device, but unfortunately you need to be part of a limited beta to actually begin to use it. We are sure this will change fairly soon but it is very frustrating for those gamers that use Steam and want to use the app now.

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