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the walking dead

The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series game will slay walkers on Feb. 25

Telltale Games will release the first episode of its adventure game series The Walking Dead: Michonne on Feb. 25 for the iPhone and iPad. The three-party mini-series is based on the popular zombie comic book and takes place in between issue 126 and 139.

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Zen Pinball for iPhone and iPad updated for new Walking Dead table

Zen Studios has released an update to its Zen Pinball game for the iPhone and iPad that adds support for purchasing a new Walking Dead table inside the app.

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The Walking Dead Season 3 confirmed by Telltale Games

Telltale Games has announced the studio will be developing Season 3 for its Walking Dead series of games. Unfortunately, while details are non-existent as to what will be contained in the game, as well as a release date, it's pleasing for fans to know that Season 3 will be coming to supporting platforms.

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The Walking Dead Episode 4, Season 2 shambles onto App Store

The latest episode of Telltale's top-notch zombie apocalypse game, The Walking Dead, is now live on iPhone and iPad. In it you continue guiding the rapidly-maturing Clementine through a series of tough life-and-death decisions, and as always, your decisions stick with you throughout the whole game. We won't spoil any of the story for you, but if you're already caught up, the trailer above should get you excited to get started.

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New The Walking Dead mobile game teased: No Man's Land

A cryptic teaser video has been released by AMC depicting an upcoming Walking Dead game for mobile called No Man's Land. It promises to bring some great-looking graphics to the table and the hard decision-making that we're used to from the Telltale games. There aren't a lot of details to run on, but here's what the press release says.

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From Colossal Cave to The Walking Dead: The legacy of Interactive Fiction

The enormously popular Walking Dead video game series can trace its lineage directly back to the dawn of video games

One of the best Mac and iOS game series of the past couple of years is based on The Walking Dead, the popular graphic novel and TV series. Developed by Telltale Games, it's a point and click adventure game. It's thoroughly modern, featuring top-notch voice acting, a 3D engine and great production quality. It can also trace its roots back to some of the earliest popular computer games, a genre called Interactive Fiction, or IF for short.

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Best Games for Mac

There are lots of games on the Mac, and you have precious few hours to play them. How do you spend your money and your time? I've rounded up ten of the best games you can get for the Mac right now in this collection, with links for where to buy or download them.

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New and updated apps: Walking Dead, Race The Stig, Final Fantasy VI and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Today we've got updates to a classic gaming title, zombies, and The Stig! Let's take a look!

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days comes to iOS

Last week we reported on the release of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, new downloadable content for the Mac and Windows version of the popular Walking Dead adventure game released by Telltale Games. Now it's available for iOS. It's available as an In-App Purchase.

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The Walking Dead game for iPhone and iPad review

The Walking Dead game for iOS is lurching towards parity with its PC counterpart, having recently launched episode three of its zombie-filled storyline. The survival-horror game puts you in the shoes of Lee, who has been thrust into protecting a small girl from the horrors of a ravaged world while running from his own checkered past. The cel-shaded art style mimics the original comic series, but still maintains its own independent plotline that grows every episode.

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