iPhone 4S processor is 800Mhz, 73% faster than iPhone 4?

Game developers testing Apple A5-chip equipped iPhone 4?

New tests conducted over at AnandTech reveal that Apple has chosen to underclock the A5 system-on-a-chip nestled inside the iPhone 4S to ~800MHz, just slightly slower than the iPad 2's 1GHz, but still far better than the iPhone 4's A4 SoC -- by margins as high as 73%.

Using some of the integer and fp tests of published Geekbench scores we can already conclude that Apple is shipping a lower clocked A5 in the iPhone 4S than it does in the iPad 2 [...] Based on the Geekbench results it looks like the iPad 2 is clocked around 25% higher than the iPhone 4S, pegging the latter's clock speed at 800MHz.

They go on to speculate that the reduction in processor speed is attributed to power-saving methods used by Apple, just as they did with the A4 chip in the iPhone 4 when compared to the original iPad.

The tests also reveal a slightly lower-clocked SGX 543MP2 GPU chip, but it's safe to say that the iPhone 4S is easily the fastest smartphone on the planet -- we just can't wait to see how games like Infinity Blade 2 perform on this thing!

Source: AnandTech

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iPhone 4S processor is 800Mhz, 73% faster than iPhone 4?


Please if anyone wants to start: "Yea... if they had a new desing.." just stop it ! No one wants to hear that &&&&. Its a great new phone, and thats it.

With out question some droids are impressive , with that being said they just keep riding the coat tails of the I phone, just compare scrolling thrue pages the I phone silky smooth droids have a flutter. I phones are dependable & more secure. They also hold their $ value when it's time to upgrade, and don't get me started about SIRI , every droid is going to start trying to copy that too. They came out with the I pad now every one is making pads. It's reality like it or not!

Haha its more like apple copying Andriod... Android has had google voice prompting with the original Galaxy S and now Galaxy S II has "Voice Command" and guess what? It came out before Siri. Read up son.

Haha its more like apple copying Andriod... Android has had google voice prompting with the original Galaxy S and now Galaxy S II has "Voice Command" and guess what? It came out before Siri. Read up son.

And there is really no comparison between that dull iOS UI and the slickly customized interface of Android running with folders on each screen, each vertically scrolling.
How may apps can you get in a folder, guys? An unlimited number?
How many gadgets do you have on your home screens? Oh, none!
How many icons do you have at the foot of your screen? Really? That isn't many!
As for "Apple inventing the tablet" I think you need to will be saying next that they invented the netbook with "Air," or Windows GUIs even!

Didnt the iPhone 3GS already have voice control? -.-"
The fact is that Siri is more capable of doing things than google voice control.
Don't talk about apple copying google. Voice control started long long time ago on Nokia phones.

Yeah, if they had a new design I'd be more incline to want it. But luckily for me I have a 3GS that likes to shut off itself. So I'll be getting mine in a few days anyway!

Fastest on the planet? Really??? What about those dual core 1ghz and 1.2ghz android smartphones?

what about them? I have them and they still lag. what may give apple a run for it's money pay be the new Samsung Focus S being released or the dual-core devices that will eventually be in Microsoft's future for windows phone.

The fastest on the planet? 800MHz? Hardly. The most Optimized on the planet? - Much more accurate.

Yes it is. :) I strayed from iPhone to get a new BB Torch (just wanted to play with it while waiting for iPhone 5 which turned out to be iPhone 4S) and I swear I spend half my time waiting for the phone to let me do things. Just opening Messages and sending a text; I'm sitting there typing and no text is showing up. 15-20 seconds before I can start entering text. I SO can't wait for Friday! I took a vacation day to wait for that wonderful big brown truck to pull up to my house!

Yes, waiting to do things. What would you call it if you unlock the phone and have to wait 15-20 seconds for the screen to become responsive to a touch? I call it waiting and I think that's quite real. Check done. Thanks.

you are so bias... no way is this the fastest phone...Galaxy S2 is way faster... and I'm not bias because I have the 4s

I have the htc sensation xe and compared it with my sister's iphone 4s...i would like to say, iphone is VERY slow compared...in all aspects!!! so those of you who are bigging the much awaited "iphone 5" (only to find it was the iphone 4s with very few differences and eve then not exctly remarkable differences!)are only fooling yourselves....why don't you guys DEMAND iphone does somethig different and release DIFFERENT handsets up to scratch so you CAN actually compete with something thats way out of your league istead of getting all upset and agitated over somethig YOU DID NOT create! For crying out loud...iphone is only popular cos we have some bare IGNORANT people around who deny the truth however apparent and hence pple benefit selling practically worthless, overpriced phones!!