UPDATED! OMG Appz Store Leaked?!1


The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is running some screen shots of what may well be our first glimpse of the iPhone's App Store.

Pretty much what you'd expect if you combined the Wi-Fi Music Store with apps, the shots came TUAW's way via a tipster. Seems said tipster claims that, after repeatedly stabbing away at the App Store button (does that mean he was running the SDK beta??) and failing to connect, lo and behold he got through.

UPDATE: iPhone l33t hax0r Erica Sadun went poking around the storeBag.xml from Apple's public iTunes server and found the following:

There appears to be a new service, labeled "p2-panda" [note: p2 might stand for "purple", the iPhone code name] that offers access to the same functionality that Cory reported on last night. Specifically, the panda calls include StoreFront listings, Genres, Top Fifty listings, and Updates. If nothing else, this independently confirms functionality seen from those screen shots.

Be sure to check out her complete post for more geeky goodness!

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UPDATED! OMG Appz Store Leaked?!1


Not a lot of new info there. There IS an "updates" section. I (and others) have been wondering how developers handle updates. Presumably this means we can arrange free minor updates.

Curious how they'll handle demos, or if as others have said, you'll have to offer a free crippled version as the "demo".

Probably. However, given that many of us intend to charge very small amounts of money (I'm thinking free to 2.99 for my stuff), I probably will not have demos.

I think the current iPod games don't have demos but have video previews to give a better sense of them. That may be the model they use for the iPhone?
I wouldn't have any problem buying an < $5 app with a video preview. > $25 I'm not sure.
(Though often I've downloaded demos, tried them once, forgotten about them, then run out of time and had to make a decision right there :) )