This time management app works across all your Apple devices and will make planning your days a piece of cake

Screenshots of the Tyme app from the Apple App Store.
The Tyme app is an easy way to keep track of your day. (Image credit: Apple App Store/Tyme App)

The Tyme app logo from the Apple app store

(Image credit: Apple App Store/Tyme App)

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If you’re looking for a way to track your time during the day – or even keep track of the way your whole team at work spends their day – then Tyme 3 is a tool that’s designed to not only give you more visibility about how you spend your time but, with all of those newfound insights, it could enhance your productivity in the long run too.

Earlier this month, I wrote about how I use my Apple Watch to manage my ADHD and included a bunch of time management tips. For me, setting simple 25-minute timers is essential for getting my work done, hitting deadlines, and ensuring the day doesn’t whizz by. But sometimes, you might need a more robust way of tracking time, especially if you need to bill clients for a certain number of hours or keep tabs on how long different people are spending on projects. 

There are lots of apps and plugins that can help you, but I’ve been trialling Tyme 3 recently quite consistently. I like that you can use the most basic features for a simple time-tracking solution or add more if you need a comprehensive way to account for every minute and every person in your team. 

Intuitive interface, seamless integration

With Tyme 3, you have the power to manage your time seamlessly across all your Apple devices. Whether it's your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even your Apple Watch, you can download the app on all of them and stay in control of your time wherever you are. This flexibility is great news for those who work remotely or on the go – you'll get a hassle-free transition between devices.

Tyme 3 offers a user-friendly interface that provides a clear overview of your work time, projects, and relevant budgets or deadlines. Presented as stats and visualizations, the information is readily available as soon as you open the app.

Thanks to shortcuts, you can simply start and stop timers, because the last thing you want to do when you’re stressed is faff about trying to find them. If you need to generate reports about your time spent on certain projects, there’s a PDF export tool and the opportunity to create invoices from within the app, too.

I’ve only used Tyme 3 for individual time tracking so far, but you can also add it into your processes as part of a team. A team admin can track project times from multiple people, giving them a quick overview of how much the team has got on and how far they are to hitting their allotted time or budgeted time. This makes Tyme 3 a good idea in offices, but also those working from different locations, like freelancers working with agencies or different companies working together on collaborative projects. 

If, like me, you need help staying on track and often focus too much or too little on the task at hand, you can use Tyme 3 to set reminders, alerting you about start times, upcoming deadlines and even when to take breaks. There are also reminders for missing hours, so if you’re keeping a close eye on a project for a client, nothing is going to slip through the cracks. You can also add home screen widgets, giving you a quick way to see your working hours and if there’s an active timer.

Tyme offers a choice between monthly and annual subscriptions, with a 14-day trial period. Finding the right time management system for you is really subjective, so this gives you a change to figure out if it’s right for you and your team. If Tyme 3 doesn’t seem quite right, the good news is there are lots more options to choose from. Some are way simpler, like Todoist, and others add even more features into the experience, like Timecamp.


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