Mimestream, my favorite Mac email app, is getting an iOS version

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If you're looking for an app to manage your Gmail account, then Mimestream might be just what you're looking for.

Sadly, the app is currently exclusive to Google's email platform, while also being stuck on the Mac - but the latter is changing soon.

While Mimestream has had an iOS app on its long-term roadmap since it was in beta, the company is now actively building an iPhone and iPad version, as per the latest newsletter from founder Neil Jhaveri.

Jhaveri previously worked at Apple for seven years, working on Mail and Notes for Mac and iPad, so his expertise in the field makes an iOS version of Mimestream an exciting prospect.

"The highest priority enhancement we’re working on is bringing Mimestream to iOS, so you can have the same Mimestream experience on your iPhone and iPad! Mimestream for iOS will be just as fast, capable, and full of features as the macOS version," the newsletter says.

"This is our most ambitious project yet, and we’re taking advantage of several new technologies from Apple that we’re confident will make Mimestream even more powerful, stable, and faster in its next chapter as a multi-platform app."

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When will Mimestream come to iOS?

Jhaveri notes that "great progress" has been made so far, but "there are still many important parts left to build".

The company is planning a TestFlight beta of up to 10,000 users before launch, and Jhaveri notes that users will be invited "based on the date that they purchased a subscription, with the earliest customers getting invited first".

On a personal level, I've been using Mimestream to manage a Gmail account for a couple of years, and it's about the only native Mac app for the service that feels close to offering the speed of the web-based version.

That's because it uses Google's Gmail API for speed and things like Gmail keyboard shortcuts, labels, filters, and more. It's also the only email app I've ever used where the search functionality is almost instant.

The app's roadmap can be found here, and also includes support for IMAP and JMAP email protocols under the "Considering" section. This would allow Mimestream to handle iCloud, Yahoo, or Fastmail accounts.

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