Yelp for iOS updated, finally allows you to leave reviews for businesses

Yelp for iOS updated to finally allow you to leave reviews for businesses through the app

Yelp for both iPhone and iPad have just been updated to version 2.0 with the ability to finally leave reviews straight from a mobile device. Yes, you heard that right. No longer will you have to log on to a computer in order to post a review.

The newly released version of Yelp doesn't contain much else in the way of new features but this one is a big one. Prior to the update, the only way you could leave a review for a business was to type out the draft from the Yelp app which would save to your Yelp account. From there you would have to log in to your account on a computer in order to actually post it. It's something no one ever even bothered doing, or at least I didn't.

This feature is long overdue but we're glad it's finally here. Will this spur you to actually leave reviews for businesses more often now that the process isn't so daunting anymore? Sound off in the comments!

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Yelp for iOS updated, finally allows you to leave reviews for businesses


It's about freaking time. I used Yelp for the first time when Apple Maps debuted with links to Yelp. I wrote up a review and was shocked that I couldn't post it from the app. I've really never been back since.

Actually, the iPad app did let you post reviews directly from the app. It was the iPhone version that never allowed it for some reason. That's the #1 reason I always used my iPad app and rarely my iPhone version.