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Amazon releases Windowshop for iPad

Amazon has released Windowshop for iPad. If you use Amazon as frequently as I do, you may already realize that the current iPhone and iPad offerings are pretty grim.  I've never been a huge fan of the Amazon app as it seems to just be a mobile version of the site shoved into an app.  Windowshop seems to bridge that gap quite nicely on the iPad and it's now available in the App Store as a free download.

It does an extremely nice job of separating categories and allowing you to quickly switch between them.  To me, this is a lot less tedious compared to weeding through search results and refining them.  Your categories will simply appear at the top and you'll be presented with columns of search results.  From there, you can simply pick the best category at the top that best suits what you're looking for and just search within that section.  If they could make a scaled down version of this for the iPhone as well, I'd be all set!  Pick it up and give it a shot, and of course, let us know what you think!

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  • Really nice format for this app. It really reminds me of the old holiday wishbooks that sears and other stores used to mail out this time of year WWWWAAAAAAYYYYY back in the day
  • Not available in UK :(
  • Neither in Spain...
  • It's a very nice app for browsing. I saw about 10 different things I wanted to purchase without even entering anything in the search field. Now if only I had the money to pay for all those desired items.
  • Allyson,
    The amazon app for iphone is A LOT more than just theit mobile version of GET with the program dudette!
  • Not available in Ireland
  • What is the point of needing this on the iPad? Just go to the full site. iPhone is different story, but I love the current Amazon app.
  • @artvanburenboy
    i simply disagree, go to in safari and open the app, they both have about the same functions. the layout is messy and not refined and it looks like a bad version of the mobile site. it's my opinion, i'm entitled to it, doesn't have anything to do with "getting with the program"... I simply don't like it. ;)
  • Yes you can have opinions as can @artvanburenboy so chill. :)