Apple airs new iPhone 4S commercials: Siri, Camera, iCloud

Apple has released 3 more iPhone 4S commercials, a second on Siri along with one focusing on the new 8mp, 1080p camera, and one on iCloud.

  • iCloud highlights automatic iTunes Music downloads across devices, Documents in the Cloud propagating updates, iBooks bookmarks copying themselves from iPhone to iPad, and Photo Stream taking the pictures from iPhone and popping them into iPhoto.
  • Camera shows the fast camera access from the Home screen, pinch-to-digitally-zoom, on-device cropping and red-eye removal, and Twitter integration.
  • Siri focuses on "what does may day look like", pulling up the day's appointments, "can I walk to the Belvedere Hotel from here", pulling up Maps and directions, "read me that text", reading the last last SMS message, and "do you think it will snow today", bringing up the Weather app.

All of this, of course, "on the most amazing iPhone yet". Check them out below.

Source: YouTube

Rene Ritchie

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